Over fifty thousand cubic meters of debris excavated, FWO

HUNZA, Feb 20: Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) is putting all out efforts to ensure immediate release of water from the artificial lake formed on Hunza River due to the devastating landslide of Jan 4. It has excavated about 50,122 cubic meters of debris from the spillway point.

This was stated by Let-Col (retd) Khawaja Sohail Hafeez, Director Public Relations, FWO, while talking to media persons at the disaster site here on Saturday.

He said the troops were working under harsh weather conditions where generally the temperature remained below zero degrees Celsius.

The restricted space is also limiting the use of more machinery and labourers to clear the boggy soil where heavy machinery sinks down impeding its full capacity performance. Despite all these hurdles, FWO has employed maximum machinery on the site and is working from dawn to dusk to make water channel in the slide at the earliest.

Mr Hafeez said, we have standby machinery at the site and will get more if necessary.Dawn

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  1. wow what a boat? its itself inundated in water how will it carry on load,it might be sink if lil more burden comes upon it, All Gojalies be careful while treveling, cuz now the stone ages not so far from you its comming faster,

  2. according to Ghalib.
    I ts very much true in the context of Gojal now a days.When the blockag will be pushed by the huge mass of water is not known to anybody.Itsqiute possible that the people board on the boats during that time will go to some unknown places.The goveniment need to look into this matter seroiusly by keeping in mind the expectations of the people.Its very unfortunate that still there are many people in such a worse condition who are appeasing the governiment.If the 8th wonder can be constructed then why not the blockage can be removed?Gojal is the throat of Cino-Pak friendship.Ignoring Gojal is negation of that everlasting friedship.I urge the youth of Gojal to come out of the tradtional way of political affilations which you got from your fathers or grand fathers.As the political cenario changes accordingly the political thougths needs to be enriched.Please dont live in the spider web.

  3. Can anyone in government tell us how many more cubic meters of debris are to be excavated to create channel for water flow?

    Can any one in government tell us is dam modelling has been done before making excavavtion?

    Can anyone in government tell us and assure us that there will not be dam failure?

    Can anyone in government tell us what will be impact down stream in case of dam failure?

    Please treat this whole issue as very serious as lives are at stake and wrong technical solution can destroy lot of valuable assets and infrastructure downstream.

    Where is NDMA since past 25 days?

    Can some one in FWO/ NDMA/governemnt assure us that landslide dam blocking Hunza River will not fail?

    Thank you.We pray for all of the organizations helping in this natural disaster.

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