Massive avalanche at Harchi, below Ultar glacier, Hunza

Avalanche coming down the Harchi Nallah

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, February 24: A massive avalanche occurred at Harchi, the Nullah between Altit and Karimabad, below the Ulter glacier 9:10 am today. Strong winds and snow covered Karimabad, Altit and Ganish localities of central Hunza after the avalanche. No loss was reported because the the avalanche did not reach the settled areas.

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  1. Excellent coverage.

    My fear is that due to Climate change, G-B province and Chitral have been very badly hit by landslides and avalanches this year.

    We should request NDMA and FOCUS to arrange an International workshop on Natural disasters especially Landslides and Avalanches in G-B province.The outcome of the workshop should be a multi year programme of disaster mitigation.

  2. i would like to appciate all members and editors of Pamirtimes and thanks for visitors. This is wonderfull diversify network in the world.

    God Bless you all

    Pervez Badakhshani

  3. A clue for the people of lower Hunza who are in deep slumber by not taking care of the bigger part of Hunza and the dwellers.Last day I met one of my friend who was coming from Gojal shared with me that he had to pay Rs 250 per head when the got lately to Ali Abad.They requested a van driver to take them to Gilgit by convincing him that he would pay the said amount.Is this brotherhood?Is this kind heartedness?Is this the sign of unity?I do hope Gojal will no more remain in trouble, thing will get changed sooner and then what would be the reaction of people of Gojal will be result of thier harsh experiences bearing now a days by the people of Gojal.The Upper part of Hunza remained the agricultural hub of the defunct State of Hunza.I am sure history will repeat itself.

  4. A very good idea by Hafiz Shah Ali,

    It is very important to organize such things. No doubt this will cost lots of money but it will be very helpful for awareness of the local people and to attract international experts to the area who can help us dealing with situations, share their research works and facts, and highlighting this global issue which has a very huge impact on the future of Gilgit Baltistan and the sustainability of water resources of Pakistan and other countries whose water sources originate from this largest Glacial system outside the polar regions of the earth.

  5. Dear Katib,
    I am sorry to say that you are excessively suffering from victim hood syndrome. That is why you start blaming people of Hunza. A driver drives his vehicle not on charity basis but for profit. You seem to be suggesting that drivers in Gojal do not take any fare. The driver who charged exorbitant fares is not fair for he is minting money out of needy person, which is wrong. But given the situation a driver from chilas and gojal will do the same. I am also appalled by the fact that you have already built a reactionary mind against rest of hunza on the basis of an experience with a driver.

    To set the record straight i want to bring it to your knowledge that Gojal has never been agricultural hub. it is a single cropping zone and to declare it an agricultural hub is unbelievable. Please be objective because objective world is not bound to our feelings.

    I do agree with your point that ‘the people of lower Hunza who are in deep slumber by not taking care of the bigger part of Hunza and the dwellers.’ We have never been an aware people. Giving them a wake up call is like flogging the dead horse. What transpired in the aftermath of Attabad tragedy is that:
    1. Hunza does not have civil society,
    2. Institutions are in abundance but fail to deliver
    3. We are interdependent not aloof as it is clear by crisis in Gojal
    4. Some good development experts will turn this tragedy into profit making enterprise of disaster capitalism
    5. All our efforts are on media only. We are media tigers.

    To get out of this morass we need to get rid of the mind shed of holier than thou, which is not happening in the society of hunza and gojal. When everyone becomes saint then he will not be able to find disciples.

  6. I agree with Khameto.

    Recently the Tehsil Magistrate arrested a local driver for charging 750 rupees for a distance of 15 km between two adjacent villages of lower Gojal!!


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