Muhammad Abbas performs at Vancouever

Pakistan’s Muhammad Abbas clears a gate during the Men’s Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Giant slalom event at Whistler Creek. Abbas, a 24-year-old from Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan, who began his ski adventure by strapping two pine planks onto rubber boots, finished at the 87th place. (AFP/Fabrice Coffrini)

Muhammad Abbad reacting after the run

Shared by Timur Baig

Ranking hardly matters because Abbas is already a winner.  Results of the run are as follows:

Run 1

Start order: 96

Finish: 87

Time: 1.38.27

Difference from leader: 21 secs

Run 2

Start order: 87

Finish: 79

Time: 1:42.31

Difference from leader 22.16 secs

Total time: 3:20.58

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  1. WE are proud the people like Abbas! those who raised our heads of pride and Mr being the first to represent a NATION and particularly a region where its been repeatedly mentioned (Gilgit-Baltistan),truly made us proud! hats off my brother!

    my heartfelt appreciations and Good LUCK!
    thank you PT for the updates and please if you can give more coverage to it,since i use the link to my face book community!
    thank you

  2. V proud of you not cuz of pakistan cuz you are the native of GB. .keep doing all our prayers are vid you..
    Zubair Ahmed.

  3. Well done, Great job. though there were tough perfomers but his representation is an honour for us.

    Best of luck for the future.

  4. Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!
    A great moment of victory for PAKISTAN, GILGIT-BALTISTAN, NALTAR and of course for the alpine hero Mr MUHAMMAD ABBAS and his coach and trainer Mr JAHID FAROOQ! You are the pride of the nation.
    Your success proofs that hard work, dedication and perseverance finally pays off. There is a chance for every one on this planet! You will encourage many young people in your country.
    All best wishes for your future. Definitely you will get a hero’s
    welcome once you set foot on Pakistan soil again.
    With all good thoughts and greetings from Vienna / Austria
    Mrs W Torossian & friends

  5. Dear Abbas,
    Many many Congratulation to you for your great achievements and we GB proud on your performance in the Olympic game and you rise the name of Gilgit Baltestan Pakistan in the International Game.

    God bless you keep it up.

    Ali Aman Gojali



    Well its kind of so bad now adays we are really have so much of tenses and all the problems faced in Pakistan from A-Z

    But than time comes for heros like Mr.Abbas to make a recognation for the all Gilgit-Baltistan at International levels

    Our heartfelt Congratulations to you from a Gojali Youth.

    Now adays our home country does not hold any kind of reputations be it inside pakistan or out of Pakistan….Becouse if you say I am a Pakistani to any one in foreign country…i my self than dont feel secure , we the Pakistanis with current Terrorist activites have not placed a right example of our country both inside Pakistan as well as out of Pakistan.

    Its the high time to sincrely CONGRATULATE the son of
    Gilgit-Baltistan,,,its not a joke for Pakitanis being from far flung remote areas of GB to represent himself in OLYMPICS but
    ”Mr. Abbas has made his name in the History book of Pakistan to represent himself as i guess the very First pakistani to attend Pakistan at such a prestigous Champion Ship in Olympics Games in Canda.

    We really admire you and we look forward to see you in Gilgit with a Very
    Warm Welcome

    God Bless Gilgit-Baltistan
    God Bless our Heros of GB

    Well Wishers of Gojal————– Lets pray God save Gojal and GB

  7. well done Abbas !

    great son of Gilgit-Baltistan v r proud of u…. Think High Fly High as you are the inhabitant of Great Mountains…

    wish u best of luck


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