[Pictory] Updates from Ayeenabad and Shishkat, Gojal

Photos by Ali Ahmed

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  1. I think people of gojal r either un aware of the situation or they r not united to address their problem, witch is a matter of their identity & survival. A very dark future is eminent for the area, i dont think people would be able to do some thing till their is unity among them.There is a dire need of a good leader ship of the area, who could come up, unite the people of the area & address their genuine problem at government level & ensure immediate relief in term of eatable and medicine.One voice, one slogan and unity would get the attention of the government.

  2. Shisket bridge will submerge in water on sunday according to experts. This is great loss for G-B and Pakistan and the blame of this goes to slow pace of work in material removal and NDMA for not bringing more machinery and money to remove material and not seeking international advice.

    This is a national disaster as KKH is blocked since 4th January 2010 and Pakistan is cutting off from China our great freind country

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