KIU students to protest for Gojal – Hunza

by Ameen Saif

Gilgit, March 1: Members of the Save Gojal Coordination Committee met leaders of different political organizations at the Karakuram International University. The committee members apprised these student leaders of issues being faced by the people of Gojal – Hunza and the negligence and highhandedness of the government.

The student leaders expressed solidarity with the people of Gojal – Huunza and said that they would protest against the government in Gilgit city to express their support for the demands of the suffering people.

A rally in this regard will be held tomorrow in Gilgit city.

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  1. I do apprecate that the youth of Gojal is actuated to do whatever is in their capacity to save the land of peace and brotherhood.Dears you will have to be very much conscious while devising your plan by taking help of your elders and other true activists.You shouldnt give an opportunty to your opponents to expoit you in their favour.Its time to be mature and distinguish between friends and foes, who may come in front of you in different forms.It migth be very much harsh that the govt will do nothing for us because we havwe been already marginalised not only the govt but all the political parties,the media and even our neighbours have overlooked over miseries.Dont be shortsighted, please.

  2. i really apprecate t the youth of Gojal and all youth who participate in this protest… we should united all GB ppl …beacuse we are all one body with different part …we should feel pain of body when we injured one part on body….

  3. Organizing a conference on the natural diaster ( landslide and lake formation) at KIU in Gilgit will be more productive.

    You can invite guest speakers- subject specialists, relevent line department heads, politicans, young leaders to dibate cross cutting themes including socio-ecnomic environmental/ climate change implications up and downstream Hunza and Idus Rivers. That will help to enhance networking, lobying, and may attracct reserchers and relevent organizations to workon mitigation measures for future/ potentail natural disasters.


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