Terraced spillway being constructed on Hunza River blockade

Images: Nur

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  1. can anyone tell how long it will take for water to be filled up and overflow, how many more months?

  2. the result from 29th jan is zeroooooooooo, nothing here hav done so far, 148ft/45m is remaing to overflow,
    what we can expect from FWO a currpt org can breach it where our livelihood is sinking in water day by day.

  3. Karim’s comments are very important; when will the spillway work finish and when will the water flow over the spillway.
    KKH has been been blocked since 4th January 2010.In other words Pakistan’s road link with our brotherly friendly country has been cutoff since past close to 87 days.
    FOCUS invited Dr dave Petley.He gave his expert advice and flag serious chance of dam failure.Has NDMA taken notice?

    Water level of lake is raising about 1.4 feet every day and lake has now become 12.08 KM long with average depth of 245 feet.This is lot of water and it can make big flood.

    Upstream poor people suffering and they have no money for seed for next harvest.Down stream people are also suffer and living in fear.

    Please can someone give an honest briefing to people of Gojal?.

  4. The FWO and NDMA are waiting for the dam to breach and flash away everything on the way.

    FWO is eying a mega project to be contracted to them for reconstruction and plundering billions out of it. This is the history of FWO, they can sell cement, steel, diesel, and whatever MAAL-E-GHANEEMAT comes their way.

    The Government of GB is either helpless because the central government does not listen to them or they do not afford to annoy their bosses. May be they follow the old saying to close their eyes and imagine that the ordeal will be over.

    This seems to be their level of wisdom.

  5. is the government committment about discharge of the lake water will be done in the middle of April 2010 or just fool the people of Gojal. plese give us the factual position of the lake based on the actual observation. it is again requested to Pamir times to tell us the actual story.

    Faraz passu

  6. Nice picture Nur.

    This photo lays bare the tall claims made by FWO on the work done to create a spillway for the dam. FWO should be ashamed of its performance and by the progress or lack of made. The photo shows only 6 machines working and there is ample space for 3 or 4 times more machine to work at the site. The claims made by FWO and the governor about the lack of space for more machinery to employ were plain lies.

  7. Shame, nothing has been done by the govt.It will take at least at least 4 to 5 more months to overflow. It is terrible first upper then down stream.

  8. How long it takes to fill will depend on a few factors:

    1. The dam holds. If the dam does not hold, then the lake will never overflow the dam.
    2. The fill rate (how fast the snow pack melts, and how much snow pack is present). Seepage rate could be included here.
    3. The volume being filled as the water level rises. The valley is shaped somewhat like a V, so the volume is greater per foot of height as the water level rises. Additionally, there might be a larger valley being filled to the side of the Hunza.

    So as the snow melt comes, the volume of water it takes to raise the lake level another inch increases, but the seepage rate seems to be increasing too.

  9. Whose Responsible to Answer all these Questions?

    Government or the People themself?

    Who comes forward to Manage this all situations

    Did Government of Plan to take some initiative?

    Is the Government keeping everything in the Hands of the people of Gojal and Hunza to handle the situations


    Will there be any Commitee or Officials who can directly deal with both this lake and the People?

    Did Any Body set up an office from Government to look and take care officialy with all this Situations.

    Do We have to Rely on NGO’s?for HELP?

    Whats than the role of Our Governement?

    Why our Primeminster is not Visiting this place himself?Why cant any body take Serious Actions

    Who will be responsible for all the Consequences thats going to occur Sooner,After this Huge lake bursts towards Downstream.

    What Can the Govt Of Pakistan do once this lake is burst and starts to flood down stream with very high volume?
    Whose going to be Responsible??????

    Can any one Answer:

    I appeal to the govt of Pakistan being a resident of this Area please ,Take some actions beofore its too late..

    Thank You.

  10. I, personally, think that a lot of work has been done by FWO, keeping the number of machines deployed in mind. At average 7 machines work on the site and at times the number increases to 11. The lake barrier’s height has been reduced by 49 ft so far while the target is 30 meters (Around 100 feet).

    Distance from surface of the lake to current height of the lake barrier (technically called Free Board) is 115 ft.

    The target set for achieving the intended height reduction is 18 April.

    According to reliable sources the government does not want to excavate beyond the 30 meter target set for safety reasons.


  11. Ex (imported) Governor for Gilgit Baltistan Qamar Zaman Qaira, NDMA chairman General Farooq and Corrupt Organization FWO are responsible for the billions of loss to the state of Pakistan and for the future lose in terms of strategic ties with China and raising security issue as there is no more road link between China and Pakistan.
    The above authorities are responsible for all what they have done is according to proper planning to save the RS.45m which have been allocated from the development fund of GB.
    The above authorities need to be prosecuted in supreme court of Pakistan for preplanned billons of loses don’t to the government of Pakistan.

  12. brother Aman: please be very careful in giving dates. This is creating false comfort in people.

    if you read the report of the International expert Dr David Petley, there is also a strong possibility of dam failure.Already there is big seepage at 2 place in the dam barrier.

    from what I have heard and read the dam over topping will be in April.

    With warm weather,the water inflow will increase,and as such the river depth will increase at faster pace.

    We all have to be prepared and be ready for evacuation at short notice.
    We all should pray that there is no loss or minimum loss.
    May Allah protect us all. Amen

  13. The people of hunza are thankful for a token of money of US$30,000granted by China for relief of effected people of attabad and others. We aspect that the money will be spent for the purpose for which it is granted. Every one belonging to Hunza is concious about overflow of water. I read the report of Dave. The report demand urgent attentuion of higher authorities. It seems that the government is doing some thing, but it is not enough for the satisfaction of people of Hunza. Can you give a figure that how much water will flow if the debris not resits?

  14. Dr. David Petley of University of Durham who has visited Attabad landslide site has set up a website monitoring the Attabad Landslide data based on NDMA and FOCUS data.

    This site is very interesting.Read the note of caution in RED at the bottom.

  15. water inflow dramatically increases (five times as compared to early april) by the end week of april (as recorded at besham qila). this increase is mostly as a result of sonw melt and glacial melt peak season starts in July and august. if seepage remains at the same rate or even slightly increase, water overflow will start inbetween 10 to 15 may. it is not a technical opinion but judgmental guess.

    While Dr. David Petley’s calculations are based on “if the other parameters/conditions remain the same”.

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