Online ethics and the websites of Gilgit – Baltistan

It is heartening to see that with every passing day the number of websites disseminating information about Gilgit – Baltistan is increasing. However, it is also a matter of concern that the website owners or moderators tend to give least importance to the ethical standards of content usage.

Ethics is the backbone of credible journalism be it online, print or electronic media. Many websites openly repost the content produced by Pamir Times with painstaking hard work and don’t even bother to mention the original source. It is unethical and we would request the administrators of the following website to give credit for the work produced by Pamir Times.

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  1. PT is correct in this regard. Once I realised other websites were using PT articles as their source, but without reference to the original content owners, I stopped visiting those sites. It is not ethical to re-print without reference to source.

  2. its indeed a big shame and i feel sorry for that kind a people those who use the original source without quoting them, its dishonesty and unethical .

  3. PT has done excellent work during this Attabad natural disaster in brining this issue to the knowledge of the world. The quality of reporting has been excellent; the quality of videos and pictures has been very professional.

    In all fairness ,other media can use the content from PT but give due credit.This is ethical and professional way of doing things.

    We peoples of Gojal should nominate PT and Zulfiqar bhai and Noor bhai for award

  4. World wide it is plagiarism to copy others picture or articles without acknowledgment. Our educated people should keep and maintain the ethical values of information sharing and be role model for best practices.
    We appreciate the PT for highlight such important aspects of journalism and awareness raising among emerging journalists / writers .

  5. It has amazed me while reading this that the people are getting the news and information from PT and then not mentioning their refrences of true owners. Certainly it is unfair and unjust.

    To provide satisfactory news and articals to its readers PT team is contributing wonderfuly. Since thay have taken this initiative thay are been working with zeal and zeast to provide quality service to its readers world wide.
    In the modren era voluntarily and consistantly spearing time is too difficult.

    Ali Masud


  6. PT website is the main source of information to world-wide readers of the Lonely Planet Thorntree regarding travel in the upper Hunza valley during these tragic times.

    It is much appreciated- we provide a link to you as the original source

  7. This is cheating,I would rather say kidnapping as Latins refer it for plagiarism.The cheaters are taking PT efforts as granted.The best thing readers can do to disregard such blogs is very simple and that is ignoring such sites which eventually help to perish them one day!!

  8. We appreciate your comments and hope other readers to respect ethical considerations’ and avoid from Plagiarism. We appreciate your comments and hope other readers to respect ethical considerations’ and avoid which is in fact a crime and unacceptable in human society.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif khan

  9. Plagiarism is something that isn’t respected, or excepted in any part of the education process or in professional work Either is it tolerated in any type of assignment. Not only does it steal someone else’s work, it robes yourself of the learning experience and it is immoral and unethical When we think of plagiarism, copy and past the word criminal comes into our mind because we are going to stealing some ones work , idea or anything which is not pertain to us.
    So the work of PT is wonderful if any one like to cope the material they must ask the owners or at least must give reference PT ,
    I appreciate the work of PT and thanks to illustrate the problems, culture and etc world wide so worry about this matter it is for your progress ..

    Allama Said well and I code for you


    MM Qizill Attabadi

  10. ,,,,sharsharr yark………d sick,knowledge fluxed media has even never even barred itself from ticking into ones personal issssssues.thanks for i m nt shoaib mailk!!!!!

  11. this is not a GOOD JOB but theey might be take care of such things ……………

  12. This seems to be quite often as I remember PT photographs and videos were even run by some channels and international news channels on their websites.

    The present media seems to have been in practice of discrediting to the original owners. It is only because our country does not have an effective intellectual property rights acts in place which prevents such crimes.

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