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GBLA first session after Eid, says Kaira

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Islamabad, November 21: Interim Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, Qamar Zaman Kaira, speaking at a reception hosted in honor of the newly elected members of GBLA,  has said the Gilgit-BaltistanAssembly would meet in its first session soon after the Eid festival.

He further said that although the election process has come to an end, save for the two constituencies in Ghizar and Diamir districts, but polls for the reserved seats for women and technocrats would be taking place soon.

He gave credits of the “empowerment ordinance” to the PPP government, which, he said, has always been defender of the just rights of Gilgit – Baltistan. He also said that the recent election of PPP candidates in different parts of the region proved popularity of the party, as well expectations of the people.

Rejecting accusations of rigging, Kaira aid that whenever free and fair elections would be held in any part of the country, the PPP would emerge victorious.

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One Comment

  1. The magnitude of the problems faced by the region are enormous. Whatever is going on in the GB region in the name of autonomy is partly welcomed and partly suspicious because the present rights given by the govt are not protected constitutionally. This package must be endorsed by the National assemly as well.

    I am much more concerned over the U.S. policy towards the region.
    1. US has tried to put all the burden over China to try to fuse the tension between India and Pakistan which in my view, not only unjust but also it’ll help to create further misunderstandingr among China and India???
    2. US has demanded pakistan to ” do more” to curb those Taliban who are engaged in insurgency in Afghanistan against the Nato forces??.?

    My opinion:
    1. If US really wants or is sincere to solve the India Pak disputes?, he has a reliable oppotunity to press India for bilateral talks, which he overlooks.????

    2. Instead of demanding “do more” if US invites insurgent factors(only Taliban not al qaida) to the table (provided considering them a major political stakeholders in Afghanistan), the issue of “do more” will no longer exist.
    Inspite of inviting them on the table, US is focussing on its previous agenda of military offensive???for which he is mustering up the anti Taliban fractions to fight against which will have only adverse effect on the overall strategy.
    If US involves Taliban in the Afghan politics, There will be no reason for Pakistani taliban to attack Nato and only then Pakistan can cosider (if the situation still remain hostile) to curb those elements on its side??
    By and large, what I observe from the current US AfPak policy is completely nonesense and that the US is only interested in promoting chaos rather than stability in the region.
    To date, it is clear that the US doesn’t want good relations between PAK-India and that he is planning to further destabilise the region.

    I personally am not against the good US-Pak relations but at what price???

    As long as you’re an enemy to Israel, you’re an enemy to America. If you think that America is your ally and a friend, think again.

    Good bye

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