[Pictory] Speakers in New York express solidarity with disaster hit people of Hunza

A speaker addresses the gathering held by Sohni Watan Gilgit - Baltistan

New York: A session was organize under the auspices of Soni Watan Gilgit – Baltistan. The speakers expressed solidarity and vowed to offer help for the distressed people. They also urged the government to prioritize rehabilitation of the people of Attabad – Hunza and resolution of the health and long term food security issues of Gojal valley.
Among the organizers of this session were Muhammad Nasim Gilgiti,  Syed Momin shah,  Zhara Shah, Khalid  Hussain Balti, Bibi Marium and miss Aziza. The organizers put a lot of efforts for making the event successful. Public circles have hailed the unity expressed by New York based people belonging to different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. Dear Brethrens & Sisters

    First of all congratulation for the voice of Gilgit-Baltistan in USA. I am not in a position to share the actual facts about all the disaster related organizations in GOVT and NGO sector who are ascertain billion of dollars from the Developed countries and how they are responding and catering the disaster affected people of that area?
    However, I am happy that the entire world where the GB people are we are united for the causes of our area the GREAT SHANGRILA ON THIS EARTH.

    My special congrats and very special wishes are for AMINA KHAN YAHYA, for presetting the YOUTH of GB on this platform. My humble request goes to every parent residing in USA or any where in the developed world to persuade their kids to write for Pamir Time Blog that a strong coordination of ideas, knowledge and social contracts should remain with in our coming generations. Some of the very good values of the developed world and other very highly respectable social values from the GB, we can inculcate among the young generations.

    Once again thanks for every individuals whom spared time and voiced for the people of Gojal-Hunza and GB (Gilgit-Baltistan).


    Engineer Baig Ali

  2. congrats AMINA KHAN and all those who spared time,voice,knowledge for presetting the YOUTH of GB on this platform.

  3. thanks a lote for the voice of GB in USA…really i forget my losses when i came to know the love and emotion of ppl having for us where ever the are …..if we have such great love and brotherhood in us then no one can break us ….thanks one more the voice of GB in USA … love u all ppl

    MM Qizill Attabadi

  4. Its great to know about people living in the first world are concerned about the the current situation where their roots are. Thanks to those whoever participated the event in NY and specially to Ms Amina Khan for her leading role in organizing the session.

    Darjat, Islamabad

  5. Congratulation to all the people of GB dwelling in the US. They way they have show their solidarity with affecties of Atabad disaster is very much appreciatable.Hats off to Ms Amina Khan for playing a leading role in the event.
    The people of GB resting on the other part of the globe have shown a justure of unity which is an important thing to be notice. This session also dipicts the notion of ‘Together We Rise’ leaving all the petty difference behind.
    Hope we will get the friuts of our hard work.

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