Government shall declare Gojal valley as calamity hit

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

MMS by Akram Bari

The second largest bridge on Karakuram Highway submerged tonight in the lake water between Shishkat and Gulmit, two of the largest settlements of Gojal valley. The bridge had already been closed for all sorts of traffic due to the dangers posed by wind and water.

With submergence of this strategic bridge the Shishkat village has now turned into a gulf, covered by water from three sides. Boat service is one of the options available for transportation of people and goods to Shishkat. FOCUS Pakistan and Aga Khan Foundation have also constructed a helipad at the village.

Gojal valley has been hit by a calamity but the government is still not taking full responsibility of the region by declaring it a calamity hit region.

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  1. The only one bridge was there that sank down; no one knows how much time it will take to make it through. It’s really a moment of sadness and heartbreaking. It’s all happening misery over there.

    May God save whole beauty of the village and its population from this catastrophe.

  2. پاک چائنا دوستی کا پل ہے تیری ارض پر
    پاک چاغنا دوستی کے یادگاروں کو سلام
    استاد رہبر

    لو آج یہ یادگار بھی ڈوب چلا

    صرف اک پل نہیں شہہ رگ تھا تیرا میرا وجود
    نبض پہ ہاتھ تو رکھ اپنے! لو میں ڈوب چلا

    اعجاز کریم

  3. O my Hunza youth O the people of Hunza ! Where are you all! Are you stress-free at your home? Are you peaceful? Are you not feeling the pain of your brothers who are in trouble? Whose belonging were demolished …who were became homeless …are you forgotten your grandfathers who shed their blood to green the mountains of Attabad and deserts of Shiskat and Gulmit? Are you still waiting for any hidden hand for help? Are you waiting for a leader who will come to guide you? ???
    Where are you all ????? Why you all are in houses ???? when will you come out??? For whom you are waiting ??? Hopelesssssssss….

  4. The hopes of the people of Gojal is sinking beneath the green monster like lake formed as a result of Attabad Land/rock slide day by day and foot by foot.

    The magnitude of loss in terms of value on the section of road hit by the land slide, submerged section of road and this huge bridge can be a tens of billions rupees but the lost business opportunities since the disaster and for the unknown future can not be estimated.

    The task for safe discharge of the lake water is going with snails pace and the authorities dealing with the task are although doing their best and capacity but their capacity does not really match the disaster as they are only trained to clear tiny avalanches and small blockages. Those who have traveled from on the KKH from Gilgit to Rawalpindi are the witnesses of the capabilities of FWO and I need not mention this.

    For God’s sake, wake up and save the region as this KKH is our lifeline and if it is destroyed GB will go back to the stone ages.

    It is a now or never situation for all of us.

    Things are getting worse day by day with every drop of water.Its quite interesting to note that neither China is thoughtfull about the prevailing situation nor fthe Pakistani govt is showing its sympathy to prove that this region and the people are equally importat in the eyes of the stateBut thechauvnists are still seeking help of the state through their parties having no contribution in the development of the region.

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