Mysterious sounds spreading fear in Shishkat

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Shishkat, April 18: Mysterious underground blast-like sounds are being heard by residents of Shishkat village for the past couple of days according to reports. The sounds are reportedly louder towards the low laying areas of Shishkat (Shishkat Payeen), closer to the lake.

The local people have demanded of the Geological Survey of Pakistan to scientifically investigate the sounds and take appropriate measures to reduce fears of the local community.

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  1. As our area is located in the Fault line (Attabad fault), Earthquake red zone, and the water seepage in the rock creaks can cause earthquake or minor shaking, sounds due to fluctuation in the rocks structure if there limestone rocks in the lake area can dissolve in water and produce minor earthquake waves.

    the Attabad landslide occurred because of Earthquake (2002, 2005) creaks and than human interference, load on slops, irrigation water, and erosion of Hunza River. since 2005 when the creaks become visible the irrigation water seeps in the creaks and saturated many years and than flow down as an earth flow/landslide on 4th January.

  2. This needs to be closely monitored and GSP should be requested to carry outi detail geological study. In fact I suggest that like FOCUS and GSP team should be stationed at Attabad landslide area to collect scientific data. I really wonder why have Professors from Univeristies of Pakististan not visited the Attabad landslide to carry out research?. Makes one wonder!

    I think there can be many reasons for the sound:
    Micro seismic activity due to rapturing of earthquake faults due to water pressure
    Breaking -up of submerged Shiskat bridge and big chunks of concrete banging the piers and sides
    Small local landslide below water level and boulders falling in river
    You can get latest Updates on Dr.David Petley’s update on Attabad landslide on this website>

  3. This is because of the changing temperature of the under lying materials due to the water now penetrating in them .this may collapse the above land lake a sinkhole .

  4. As the nearest area of the lake was totally dry and now the flow of the water increased and submerged the area ,the changes inside in the lake should be the result of the submerge of the area and the pressure of water breaks the river banks and changes will occur inside the lake till the release of the water ,no need to worry about the situation,that is the part of geographical changes inside the lake.


  5. Really this is a great test and the way the paradise on earth Gojal valley is in deep trouble is something very terrible and this tragedy has made everyone speechless.Nothing could be done to natural disasters and they do occur at any time and any where.
    But yes this speaks a lot and should be thought over and one can understand such situation could also occur. This is the hour which demands prayers and unity and sympathies with those who are in deep trouble and who are seeing infront of their eyes their homes and properties flowing in river.One must think in what situation they might be and what could be running through their minds?? May fotune once again smile on all and we may come out of this tragedy soon….
    This is the time we must seek cent percent support from our government but unfortunately we are not given our legal rights and the media is not playing its role with sincerity as this is fact that still a lot of difficulties have to make its way even the blocakage make its way….By the may lets hope for the best and may God bestow his blessings on all who are suffering…….

  6. Dear all,

    I am totally agree with Ali Musofer because he is expert of Geology.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  7. Stop stop please!!!

    Paradises never drowned!
    It shapes onlly in a different way? If geology is at its play, we shouldn’t blame ‘the nature’ to transform its shape’, the nature will transform its shape regdless of the peoples preferences??

    We should accept the changes of the nature rather than blaming it. It’s not the Pareadise that is sinking, but the people who suffer?? and we should think of the people rather than the geological movement but at the same time, we need to calculate the known scientific impacts that cause the human-suffering.

    Ali Musofer and Hafiz has explained the possible geo-impact. Since the Metamorphism is active in our area, these kinds of changes are inevitable due to the seepage of the water into the loose rock formation because of the fault zones. No panique at all. This is all what expected to be in an area like ours???

    The issue is how do we address the possible geo-impacts that cause the people’s sufferings. (socio-politicallly).
    Geology is an unkown fact where people evaluate things beyond the exatude. Nobody knows exactly what is the cause of the certain geo-physical activity?? Everyone rushes where it happens, to get some knowledge.

  8. To the Victims of Disaster:

    May God Help you to come out of the tragedy soon
    May God overcome your fears
    May God bless you with his kindness
    May God curtail your fears and loses
    May God give you the strength to rebuild your homes and replant your trees.

  9. these are all natural process or common geographic phenomena in mountainous region in all over the globe, there are two theories possibilism and determinism, possiblism is that if we are advanced in technology, there is option to cope this disaster to breach the spillway, and the another side is determinism where we are helpless in front of nature but in Pakistan we are helpless due to the dictators, the heads in NDMA, IRRA and so many others.

  10. I do agree with Ali Musofer that the cause of suffering is due to the negligence of the authorities concerned by not paying due attention and prompt action in their respective fields.

    Selfishness promotes corruption and lack of responsibility motivates mismanagement. ‘By grace of GOD’ these two qualities are widely found across the country (individually and collectively) and hence the main cause of impoverishment.

    There is a famous saying:
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost.
    When health is lost, something is lost.
    When hope is lost,everything is lost.

    In Pakistan, common people have lost their hopes and it seems that these masses will soon turn into MEDs (mobile explosive devices) set out to bring about the ‘once for all’ change through materializing the Quaid’s emblem-FAITH-UNITY-DISCIPLINE.

  11. This is written to the people downstream and those on the lakeside, and those who have loved ones in that area. I am far away, and I convey my deepest empathy for you, and I am sorry that I am helpless to do something, except to pray that you will come through this. I am a glaciologist and geologist, and I study the amazing Earth through satellite images. What I read in the blog from Geologist Ali Musofer sounds correct or reasonable from a geological perspective. I read also the other comments, the prayers and eloquent writings, the concerns, and I can understand all of it. The remoteness of your area from me does not block my heartfelt suffering with you. I know it is different, and I cannot pretend that it is some kind of equal suffering; I am here and you are there. But if there is any way to help, I will try, and I mean this very sincerely. What can anybody do in the face of this event? I understand every single point made by every commenter. I think I agree with everybody; everybody has a point. With me being so far away, my point is verging on nothing, compared to your points. I am sorry for this. But there are times in life when you see the suffering of others, and you take it on as your own personal suffering. This is my task now.
    As for when the lake will drain, this is not possible to say with certainty. You need to be prepared, and you need to be sure that the warning system is working, and you need to have a place to go on high ground (how high will depend on where you are; you need to trust authorities and listen, but also use your common sense). I know from our Hurricane Katrina experience, and so many others, that governments can be wrong, they can be awkward and slow. But I am aware of efforts by your government and by FOCUS and others to deal with this. I am aware of some heroic efforts by workers on the dam. I don’t wish to confuse matters by interjecting information–the little I know– that can make more problems than the information may assist with. But there is Gohar and the other commenters who ask good and simple questions. I presume that you are getting some answers. Different experts will have different answers depending on their experience and the knowledge and models they bring. It is to Gohar, and residents in harm’s way that causes me to abandon my usual scientific caution. I must respond. My estimate in March 30-June 2 (add or subtract a few days). It is not a perfect estimate. It is based on the topography/shape of the valley, the rate of water influx, and the expected rate of increase of water influx, and it is also based on some information provided by FOCUS Pakistan. This calculation should not be considered better than the government’s, or that of FOCUS, or of geologists in the field. But it is possible that drainage may occur before then. You are probably all aware of the FOCUS updates, and I recommend that you listen to those. And for those downstream definitely please have your warning systems working and do not linger when you receive a warning. There is a good possibility that the spillway will function as intended, and an extreme catastrophe will not take place but instead just a few days of seriously heavy flow. This is what we pray for. Normally I would not intercede like this; I would wait for scientific protocol (peer review and such) to work. But this is extraordinary, and I would not forgive myself if I read Gohal’s question and did not answer. Above all, on the human realm, families are treasure, never perfect, but they are what we are given and blessed with. I hope you will accept me saying so: May your family be blessed.

  12. It is a really serious situation. the signals are alarming. the technical experts should examine the sounds and take necessary steps. The people of upper hunza can’t bear further disaster.

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