Elements at risk in downstream in case of Hunza lake outburst

A view of the Nomal, Chilmisdas and Jutal villages that might be affected by flooding due to sudden lake outburst

Images: Deedar Ali

Disclaimer: The photographs are shown to generally depict the areas that might be affected as a result of a sudden lake outburst. In no way can we predict, project, with certainty the real impact of an outburst flood, if it happens.

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  1. Thanks to Zulfiqar for providing amages of vallies to be afftected as a result of outburst of lake in near future. The work done at lake barrier by the FWO is not to the level set up or aggreed. Wheather or payment to FWO is made in full or in part, would to probe into?

  2. All should do pray for the peaceful end of this disaster. May Allah almighty make it easy for us Inshallah.

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