[Pictory] Low laying parts of Gulmit threatened by the lake

The lake is increasing in length as well as spreading over the river bed

Images: Zulfiqar Ali KhanZaheer Ahmed Bari for Pamir Times

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  1. Ufffff…….A deadly hearting seen in the season of summer and season of happiness. Thanks Xaheer for sharing such a heart touching photos with us.

  2. Thanks Zaheer and Zulfiqar for such wonderfull pictures. God Save Gojal.

  3. Thanks alot to Zulfiqar Ali Khan and Zaheer Ahmed for updating us regarding the concerned dam . Hope everything will be allright soon.

  4. I can not stop my tears looking at my homeland sinking minute by minute and inch by inch.

    It is all due to the inefficiencies of NDMA who misguided the whole GB government and the Central government. The were lied from the day one and now the situation is out of everyone’s control and the culprit has silently retired without being tried for his criminal negligence.

    It was a blunt lie that they had successfully handled the Hattian Bala lack while it had bursted and distorted the area. It was their failure, and now what will happen to this one, Allah knows, but the culprits are roaming around quite freely.

    May Allah Save us all from these corrupt and inefficient people.

  5. it bleeds my heart when i c my village sinking love my viilage

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