[Poetry] وہ گاؤں میرا کس حال میں ہے؟

احسان علی

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  1. yes , May Mulla BLess all of us, keep us in his kind shelter and keep away from such big disaster, we need to look why it happened, we need to make our dimensions clear !

  2. absolute, our heart hurts, our souls cries, its the hard time on us may Moula give us strength and power to face it.

  3. Very nice piece of literature Ehsan. Infact you have attempted to convey the feelings of us all at this crucial time when we are on the verge of losing our identity. Keep it up.

  4. Khuda Ney Aaj Tak os Qoum Ki Halat Nahey Badli
    Na Ho Jis Ko Khayal Aap Api Halat Badalney Ka!!!!!

    We have not made any efforts to save our villages
    Rather we have remained silent to save a corrupt and inefficient govt
    We’ll have to pay for it………….now …and in future..
    Our Beautiful Land will not Forgive us at all ……….either affected or not…..

  5. Ehsan, you made me cry with ur simple but elegant poetry. It mirrors the true feelings of the people of Gojal.

  6. may ALLAH save our homeland…………..INSHALLAH evrythink vl b f9……….alway hope for the best it the time of unity, n prays

  7. Yar , well done and God Bless you and our beautiful gojal.
    I feel intense pain and my tears are dropping like river.

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