Ghizer Volunteer Movement (GVM) launched in Islamabad

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Islamabad, August 17: Professionals and youth belonging to Ghizer District of Gilgit – Baltistan have joined hands to help and mobilize support the flood affected people.

A large number of promising youth and professionals hailing from all four Tehsils of Ghizer district decided to launch the Volunteer Movement during a meeting held at Islamabad the other day. The Movement has immediately started collecting relief items for the flood affected people. 3 tons of relief items including food and non-food items has been collected during the initial days.

The volunteer movement is being hailed by public circles as a very positive step towards self reliance and unity.

Editor’s note: Pamir Times appreciates the idea of citizen engagement and as a token of support for the cause a separate page has been created for the Ghizer Youth Movement, to provide visibility and coverage for the cause.

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  1. Well done… i appreciate your idea and congratulate you all members of (GVM) for being part of this volunteer service. I pray for your success may Allah bless GVM with prosperity.

  2. Good effort by Ghizar youth, the umbrella should be extend to every city immediately where our peoples live. Mostly more people are residents of Karachi. How to approach to the GVM, any contact or email, please any information should be disclose that all people would be expect to participate and share their contribution whatever they want to give. So there should be mechanism and the information should be delivered to radio and Newspaper that the people should be aware and they work for the flood affectees through this platform.

  3. Thank you Pamir Times for the information on launching GVM. I appreciate Youth of Ghizer and pray for their success in this noble cause. It would be useful to have name of the contact person so that we could contribute whatever we can.

  4. This is one of the biggest disaster in the history of Ghizer, so in this situation the only politicians and local govt. can’t do anything without participation of whole public, specially the youth of district Ghizer. All of us have to come forward with a vision that we can do some thing for shelter less and effected pe…ople of the area. We can participate in collecting funds, rehabilitation process, highlighting the real and hidden issues of efectees. so i think its the time to come forward and show the strength, and tell the world that we have the power to face such problems.

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