[A letter] The resilient people of Gojal

Dear Editor

With much pain, I have been reading about the natural disaster befallen on the beautiful valley of Gojal and on its very resilient population. I just want to express my deep admiration for the people of Gojal for the way in which they have risen to this abrupt life crisis. While they mourn the loss of life and are saddened with the destruction of their property and source of livelihood, they have demonstrated remarkable resilience and optimism to reconstruct their future. The verse of Ijaz Karim’s Urdu poem is a testimony to this optimism.

I not only have very good friends among Gojalis, but also a fond memory of the support and respect extended to me by the entire community during my professional work there a decade ago. I can only pray from the depth of my heart may Allah, the Merciful grant them strength to face this great challenge of life.

Dr. Mir Baiz Khan (Toronto, Canada)

Editor’s note: Dr. Khan was the first Principal of AKHSS – Gilgit. He belongs to Chitral.

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  1. Thanks Dr. Sb for shering your sympthy with the people of Gojal in this hard time. May Allah save us from more losses and give us the courage to face this challange man made disaster couragiously. Aameen


  2. Dear and Respected Dr.Mir Baiz Khan,
    I would like to thank you for your sympathy and compassion towards the affectees of Upper Hunza Gojal.
    We have been witnessing a worst situation on our soil which is full of devastation and deterioration. The only thing which has enabled us to revive our strengths towards this crutial situation is the element of hope.

    I am proud of my people who are united in these crutial moments of natural disaster. Many false pledges were made by the concerned authorities to excavate the water but unfortunately have failed to fulfill their committments even after a long period of five to six months. We are much disappointed by the concerned government authorities and representatives who did nothing towards the immediate settlement of the issue and the consequences can be seen which are much evident infront of the whole world.

    I pray for the well being of my community in Gojal and also for the immediate settlement of the devastation. It is really the hardest time we have encountered so far, but are still optimistic that we will be in a position to rebuilt ourselves towards a better tomorrow.Our entire infrastructure has been damaged and will require more time to get back to our normal living state but are still optimistic that things will be placed rightly by combined efforts and unity.

    Thanks to all those of you who are showing symapthy to the deprived and affected people of Gojal.We will inshallah stand side by side for the reconstruction and revival of our lost assets and beautiful piece of land.

    Thank you very much my very dear and respected Principal Dr.Mirbaiz Khan for your moral support and sympathy

    Aslam Ghalib
    A former student of AKHSS Gilgit
    Currently in Kabul

  3. It is really a man made disaster and the whole government functionaries right from Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira and down to the FWO and NDMA who were eying a major contract worth billions of rupees in case of sudden out burst of the lake.

    This was not so challenging and now that has become a full scale disaster, the landslide had cost only 19 lives but now due to the initial negligence of the authorities the whole population of downstream settlements are at risk.

    Allah’s justice is always there for those who pretend to be God on earth.

  4. Dear Doc,

    Thanks for showing your concerns and reflecting positive about the people.

    Darjat, Islamabad

    visited 50 times from yesturday. Plz update…………..

  6. Thank you sooooo much respected and honorable Dr Sahib for your moral support to the calamity affected people of Gojal.
    Though we have lost our precious lands crops but hope and willpower is there always. We have unshakable patience and courage and we believe in justice…………..and justice is there in the hands of God.
    May Allah bless our beautiful Gojal!!!!

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