NESPAK’s engineers reach Hunza to survey downstream villages

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Hunza, April 4: A team of engineers belonging to the National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) has reached Hunza to survey villages downstream of the lake formed on Hunza River. According to information the team of professionals will identify safer zones to minimize losses during a possible flooding event.

The government, however, has said that the survey is part of precautionary measures and the chances of lake outburst are minimal.

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  1. So finally they realise that there is potential problem that can arise is case of dam failure. My question is where were they when Dr Petley, and other consultants flagged this as a serious potential problem.

    And by the way where is the dam modelling report that NESPAK was engaged by NDMA to do in end of January 2010?.

    The best favour NESPAK can do is find our how high the other infrastructure (eg bridges downstream) is from river bed.
    They can also identify potential government land for re-settlement of displaced people.They should also survey all downstream villages above 50/60 meter hight from river bed.

    BUT they should do this on very URGENT basis.

  2. This is wht it,s a stone cold truth that our Govt. so called “procedures” are so blind & stretched that it take months to take decesions on emergency matters.

    The same situation is prevailing around the out-brust threat of hunza river blockage.
    After 90 days Govt. realized that they should conduct assessments & survey to analysis the impact of out-brust at down stream basin areas. It should be done at initial stages to make arrangements against this threat.

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