Around 20,000 IDPs in Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit districts

PT Report

Gilgit, May 21: Around 20,000 people have been sifted ffrom their houses to IDP camps in Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit districts, as part of the preparatory measures undertaken to safeguard human lives in the wake of a highly potential flooding that might be caused by outburst of overtoping of the lake formed on River Hunza.

Pakistan Army, Government of GB, FOCUS Pakitan – an AKDN affiliate, Pakistan Red Crescent Society and other NGOs are taking part in the evacuation and relief activities.

Majority of the IDPs have been shifted to relief camps while many are living with families and relatives at safer locations.

This is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the history of Gilgit – Baltistan.

The flooding, if it takes place, is likely to destroy thousands of Kanals of land, thousands of houses, markets, hundreds of miles of the Kakoram Highway, and hundreds of thousands of trees in the downstream areas.

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  1. Absolutely, Now we are entering into the final round of the disaster, the Criminal Negligence of Government of Pakistan is responsible for this Huge devastation and Catastrophe. there must be an Intentional inquiry on this negligence and we should bring it to an International forum.
    just i saw the priminister making false promises in Hunza its totally foolish and stupid. its a preplanned and Human made disaster that thousands of lives are at risk.
    May God save the lives downstream and we can pray for the smooth passage of the lake.

  2. The local and the federal government is responsible for all the destruction….. this a government-made disaster

  3. “International inquiry” ? I seriously doubt that, considering that some foreign powers might have an interest in such a disaster. There are some powerfull people in the world who would like to see the dismantling of Pakistan and the Attabad lake might be just what they need to start it.

    1. i wonder how can you relate it to any International Interest. thousands of lives are at risk that is the concern you might guess it for any other cause thats totally wrong. think positively and even if Late.Benezir murder case is scrutinized internationally then Why not the risk of thousand peoples lives.

  4. Well once again a good chance for the army people to have some money in their pocket. And NGOs to grab few million from foreign aid used on paper here with the IDPs. Best of luck to the operation work Guy, you all have waited so long for all these to happen and earn few Rupee.
    GA Pakistan and all the beloved NGO. Because without them all our official will die of hunger, and hard luck to the common people who will lose everything because of ignorance.

  5. We have been posting repeatedly that every one has a stake in this disaster, the earning part goes to the Army (FWO, NDMA) the bureaucracy of GB, the local contractors (our members of legislative assembly) and the losing part goes to the poor common citizen of Hunza, Gojal, Nagar and the whole of ofthe downstream settlements.

    The celebrations of ribbon cutting by the PM of Pakistan is a clear message to the people that how much serious they are to us. It was a brutal joke with the patriotic people of Hunza-Nagar, who have sacrificed for the security of this country during the Kargil War and many operations. It was also not a good signal to the disaster hit people that their prime minister comes and says that we are unable to help you now and will make provisions in the next budget. What a shame, is this the way of talking to people in trouble who have lost their livelihood due to mismanagement on the part of the government?

    It is a shame for the local leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party that they preferred to please their leadership on the expense of its real supporters/voters, it seems that next time they are not going to the people for vote. This is for every one who affiliates him/herself to any party that nobody cares for the real well-being of the people. Their leadership have woke up after 5 months when they finally realized that the water bomb is now heading south.

    There is a question as are we really the citizen of this country, I doubt it, the way they treated us looks like we are unwanted people living on their soil.

  6. 20,000 people,s are displaced in lower hunza? i don believe this…….
    this is going bad, And we are going to face big problems in the future too 🙁

    1. Yes, courtesy our able government. We are going through the toughest of times in the 21st century.

      One thing was noticed throughout these 5 months that leadership at any level is totally failed, be it political, social, or any one who unites the community and guides them towards a purposeful demonstration.

      Our request is to the elders of Hunza to please do not use women and children as your potential tools, because they can not express the real problem in front of the media, please designate speakers (men and women) who can communicate clearly because the free speaking on the national media by our women does not look appropriate and purposeful, and does not suite our image of being highly literate society and part of the Ismaili community.

  7. dear
    I am ehsan Ullah Running a tour company in Pakistan, i would like to help the people of Gojal, if you let me know how i am can do that, and what are things you needed urgently?
    Thanks ‘
    Ehsan ullah

  8. I am shocked to know such a big natural disaster dislocating thousands of people whose houses and every thing seems to be destroyed. I am surprised as to these people will feel to see their houses just disappeared, the animals which were their livihood would have disappeared and they will start their life afresh.
    I don’t know about govt and other agencies, but I think that if all of us decide to sponsor just one family and give that one family every possivle support to rebuild their life we could easily bring a smile to the IDP’s faces. All that we need is little of our time and fraction of our money and the family we sponsor will be back to routine life.
    So I commit myself to work on the rehablitation of one poor family and will do my best to stand them up and make them financialy and otherwise capable to look after themselves.
    To do so I need your help to provide more information as to how I can make it possible.
    I live in England and I shall be happy to come down to the disaster area and stay there till I get one family settled in all respects.
    I shall be looking forward to hear from you.
    A. Rehman

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