Latest aerial view of the spillway

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Dear Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan
    It is with great pleasure, that I put together all the words of appreciation to your altruistic, noble, and impressive work during the whole process. It was you that was the only source of real and true image of words and picture that kept all, the people who real care for the area, informed of the real ongoing situation in complete detail.
    In simple words I salute all your effort and true dedicated journalism, thought your won created Pamir times and other sources that you are related to. Its not I only that truly appreciate your effort but all over the world the reference of your picture and articles are the prove of appreciation and applause of real and true reporting.
    To day the whole valley is isolated by fake and appraising reporting by many national and international media sources, glittering and personifying a different perspective of the situation, making it a confusing situation for people to understand what is the real situation. It is due to hidden hands behind the sources, with unknown ruinous and predestined decisive black agenda.
    But due to your sincere effort with your team that fought with complete professional and true essences of real and sumptuous journalism.
    For this effort the people all around the world and especially every Gojali will always remember your effort as sole and true representative. Your woke was and is the only source of the oppressed and isolated people of Gojal which got more clearer , after what and how Gojalis were dealt in times of disaster and left in panic through desultory efforts by many involved in the situation. Clear to every effected man and women.
    In then end I cant express my sincere and true gratitude due to limitation of words that restrict me, but I’m confident that you will keep the sprite of both the people of the area and other that are concern, high thought your effort and ability to deal with disastrous situation and fighting negative journalism through your true words and images.
    Best of Luck with all your effort, to you and to your Pamir times team.
    With Regard

  2. Nazeer has said it all. Well done and thank you Zulfi and PT Team.

    With hope and prayers for our homeland to get out of this situation soon.

    Best regards,

  3. NDMA officials should be held accountable here due to incorrect reporting of freeboard levels !! this is a national shame for all of us and those who charge themselves with the responsibility of disaster management – I am absolutely schocked! this is a shame for all govt. agencies and also the Army to a certain extent for not collaborating and guiding NDMA’s incapable staff. We have a big responsibility as a nation toward the people of AtaAbad. May Allah help us in the form of a miracle. and it all comes from the level of professionalism that they pursue in their careers. We have capable people but with this sham of a govt. what can one expect in way of intelligent energetic and devoted people…I will urge everyone to make prayers because as dum and stupid we are as a nation, there is one line of support, almost are differentiator is to make dua to Allah to help us.

    Fi Aman Allah


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