20 people went missing in Skardu

PT Report

Gilgit, May 29: Around 20 people who were crossing the Hussaini Pass, in Gultari – Skardu, went missing today, most probably, as a result of snow avalanche.

According to  information obtained the group of people were moving from Skardu, the headquarter of Baltistan division.

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  1. We citizens of GB province, request Chairman of NDMA and Chairperson of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan to organise an International conference of world top experts to study the issue of landslides, GLOF,avalanches in GB Province and also may be Chitral.

    We have to collectively understand this complex issue and come out with a long term solution. We cannot afford other mini Attabads and loss of lives.

    please make the communities resilient to natural disasters.

    we will fully support and cooperate

    Thank you

  2. thanks “pamir news” for keeping us aware from all the situation of Gilgit Baltistan.

  3. In response to the comment of Hafiz sha Ali: Somebody, anybody: If you and the authorities can organize a compelling, high-level meeting, tell me when and where it will be, and if it is at all possible for me to be there, I will be there, if invited. I have taken this whole set of issues on as a personal burden that I must carry to the extent that I may be able to help. I can help on the matter of GLOFs and maybe some other issues. Meanwhile, I look hour by hour for news. I know that flow 5 hours ago was reported to be 300 cfs. No news since then. I know that blessings must seem so distant at this hour, but against all difficulties and dangers, I wish blessings on the good people of Hunza.

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