Nagar opposes expansion of the spillway

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Islamabad, June 21: Speakers at a conference held in Minapin Nagar opposed the decision to expand the spillway by mechanical methods. The speakers said that the flash floods that might result from the expansion would inundate low laying areas of Nagar Valley.

Muhammad Ali Akhtar, GB’s finance Minister threatened “to break the legs of traitors of Pakistan”, referring to the volunteers from Gojal and Hunza who tried to expand the spillway a couple of days ago.

MLA Mirza Hussain also opposed the move by FWO and NDMA and said that if these institutions did not take the people of Nagar in confidence, they will be stopped by force. Analysts believe that Mirza’s change of heart has come from a recent friction with Army officials for illegal use of the boats for transportation of goods upstream. The Army personnel, reportedly, had stopped Mirza from using the boats without permission for personal purpose.

The conference was organized by Anjuman Hussainia Nagar.

Around 500 Million Cubic meter of water has so far been stored in the lake that spans over a stretch of 23 kilometers. The lake is likely to hang over the head of downstream valley for the times to come if the risk is not reduced through controlled and safe release of water.

It is pertinent to note that around 27,000 people are living in tent villages in four districts, namely Hunza – Nagar, Gilgit, Diamir and Kohistan (KPK), waiting for an end to the limbo.

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  1. In an ideal society – where merit is political acumen, wisdom and charisma and demerits include threats, abuses, theft, smuggling, people like Muhammad Ali Akhtar and Mirza Hussain would be in jail.

    The people of Nagar shall refuse to be led by a bunch of smugglers and thieves.

    Controlled, safe, blast means that there would not be any rapid water outflow. The NDMA/FWO and the leaders of Hunza/Gojal (if there is anyone!! Alas!!) shall talk to the people of Nagar and take them into confidence about the hazards that prolonged stay of the lake can pose to downstream villages.

    Gojal has lost three villages completely, while two are gradually sinking due to the inefficiency of government departments. They shall refuse to be bullied around by thugs and smugglers.

  2. We the people of Hunza are in trouble as world knows. Muhammad Ali Akhtar and Mirza Hussain are agents of Govt they are really smugglers and thieves.At the moment they are working for agencies. They are not sincere with their own people if water remain for some weeks more than this is definitely total threat for Gilgit through Kohistan . We must take some sort of immediate stepts for the immediate release of water otherwise this will change whole the geography of Gilgit Baltistan.

  3. Why? suppose such type of incident like attabad is taken place in Nagar area, what would be the reaction of their people and representatives, definately
    they would use all their influences and resources for widening the spillway and immediate release of water in order to avoid submerge of their houses and properties.

    the people of Gojal do not want any demages to the downstream in case of widenning the spill way, they just want to ensure decline of artifiical lake in inches and feets. not more then that.
    Lets see and hope for the best.


    Shah Zaman

  4. Everyone know Mirza Hussain and Ali Akhtar..who are using our land for the purpose of smuggling,,, and today these smugglers are talking against us..who the hell are they to threat us,,
    Gojalis this is the time to be unite and fight against these criminals..we will see them how they will use our land and dryport for the purpose of smuggling…

  5. The Gojalis should no more stop their movements of widening the spillway by the threat of these destructive representives. They don’t want to see Gojal again as part of heaven and on the track of development. Lets see the second attempt of FWO and NDMA’s charisma in widening the spillway.

  6. This is bad news that the people of Nagar oppose the expansion of spillway. This is a time to solve this matter by mutual understanding, and make wise decision in this regard keep in view the future of this Hunza Nagar, if Attabad lake is not remove on time there are so many problems create in this region including Hunza Nager , Gilgit and Diamir District ,The KKH rout might be change and construct through Baltistan, by doing so the whole region go back in stone age , our economy is strongly attached with KKH , secondly if Attabad lake remaining for long period then according to geologist the chances of outburst of lack in any time there because the land structure is in such type,….
    So we can save ourselves by removing lake on time and promptly. It is in benefit of whole region. And the people of Nager must be considerate on it , they should look in long term interest of the region, …………….
    MM Qizill

  7. Dear readers,
    In an interview to AJJ TV the CM of Gilgit Baltistan strongly rejected the development work at the spillway by the volunteers. He cleared that larger population are at risk in downstream while very less population has been affected up-stream by this lake. This is understood that he was under pressure by some of the members of GB assembly. I would like to clear to Mr. CM GB, that don’t worry one day it has to come down even without any development work at the spillway site then whom you will blame for?. I have noticed many times that Chief Sahib show himself satisfied with the development work so far done by the government. I would like to ask him that does he is satisfied with the destructions at up-stream or waiting to see the same in downstream?
    Moreover Mirza and Akhter are not those much important personalities to be discussed. We the Hunza people are at the moment are even not satisfied with the very highly qualified political leaders we do have on board, than how can we discuss these thieves.
    Here I would like to request the readers that Please don’t give them importance; we have had clear understanding with the Chairman NDMA that the boulders will be removed through minor blasts within ten days. We also wish the same and do not want any destruction in downstream. We wish them all the best and hopefully the water will pass them with minimum volume and gradually there will be the end of this horror episode.
    With best wishes,

    Abdul Waheed

  8. “to break the legs of traitors of Pakistan”,
    What bullish remarks,we can expect such remarks from a smuggler and antique thief,
    Mohd Ali Akher,your legs will be chained and broken because you were caught red handed while breaking lions from Ganish bridge,where is rule of law,why such culprits are not punished,why he is saying us traitors!
    Are smugglers,thieves and antiques rubbers are not traitors,where are suo moto actions from higher courts,such persons should be made accountable for such dirty remarks?

  9. The leaders of Hunza, Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah, need to look back at what they have done to their own region. Playing in the hands of establishment they have alienated their ideological supporters. Today only family members of the two leaders and those who have financial stake in the party are defending PPP. It is a moment of shame for the party that once served interests of the mundane.

    These good, principled, leaders need to learn that their politics of principles is not going to work in Gilgit – Baltistan or even Pakistan. They shall also threaten to pluck the eyes of those opposing the safety of Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, Diameer and Kohistan.

    If your principles are being used by opponents to pressurize your constituency, you need to play the politics of power.

    I am sure even higher numbers can be gathered in Hunza by the political leaders. Hunza Action Committee has an opportunity to get sympathy and supporters in Gojal. It is important for them to realize that the alienated PPP voters would not for HAC in the future, if that’s what they think. APML seems to be a more viable option, according to recent surveys. HAC needs to mobilize its resources and fulfill the slogan of ONE HUNZA, if they are sincere with the region.

    The political forces of Hunza shall bring the people of Hunza on streets to show how popular the demand for safe, controlled, blasting of the boulders is.

    PPP Hunza can save its grace by joining in the ranks of the anti-establishment role adopted by the other opposition parties.

    Otherwise there would be no one to take the name of PPP in Hunza in the future.

    As far as Muhammad Ali Akhtar is concerned, the world has seen him naked, while stealing ordinary statues from the Ganish bridge. He is trying in vain to restore his lost image by resorting to reactive hooliganism. He needs to be given a shoe-kiss sometime in future.

  10. The ill-fated thing is we don’t raise one voice People of Gojal are sleeping beside that most of our property submerged. This will happen again and again even criminals and our own people criticize us, I don’t know why we are so scared. Time will pass and we will be silent spectators, I have seen and observed we talk more when we are in our own public gathering but hesitate in front of administration and political leaders harsh reality of life but we should accept this we were point out by our own that we are against the state still no one condemn and our opposition leaders are busy with their businesses

  11. This is a very crucial moment for the people of Hunza, where we have to understand the revailing politics by the current GB govt and our neighbours.

  12. Kindly update me through email allerts regarding Attabad, Gojal water level situation.

  13. they have t fundamental right to take preemptive measures to safeguard their interests.however, use of provacative language, at a time whn v r suffering frm a natural disaster, is wrong…it is unethical n irrational to act selfishly at such a challenging time!

  14. Dear people of GB, please stay united.
    Only the hard times can test your unity, so its the time now to show your unity.
    Best Regards,

  15. i dont understand one thing. these so called leaders of our HUNZA NAGAR arnt looking at what the upper hunza is pasing through. people have lost alot .and till now did they raised their dead coices for the support o their brothers. NOP! but when it cums on u or when u see things can also go wrong for you too then you start reacting and evn that is in negitive way.. shamee on such leader we ve got …i mst say not only save gojal but SAVE HUNZA , but not from this water but these biig crocks …who are acting as our so called LEADERSSS

  16. Dear Mr Akhtar Ali
    In this decisive time you are think about yourself only, but we all Hunza are worried about up and down stream people down to Tarbela
    We are asking for solution and help from last five months but you people take it as joke, and same you are doing now, as you love your home, the same we do, please be united and think for solution in this hard time, and SAVE HUNZA NAGAR and GB.
    Mr. Mirza is from another planet …….

  17. This world is full of cunning people.
    Mr Nagar is opposing the expansion of spillway; not for this that he is concerned that it may cause some damages downstream.
    Nay; the man is simply distancing himself that tomorrow he may not be blamed for anything….. he is saving his skin.
    This is cowardice. This is act—running away from the responsibility at the hour of need and a sheer hypocrisy.

  18. Here i would like to ask both speakers that it is not the time to brack our people in different groups regions and areas as the world has changed to a global village. so why we always think negatively seperately and when we will think collectively. This all happend just because of our own fault because since the disaster occured we thought seprately we didn’t gather on one plate form and ask the government
    to take early step thats why the wasted the public wealth just for nothing. Now the water has submerged properties of upper hunza and now it is obviously threatening downstream. So we all should accept our mistake whole heartedly either we are from upper hunza lower hunza center hunza or nagar.
    We should assess ourself before saying some thing our few words may cause and effect our good relationship of brotherhood which has been inharited to us by our forfathers.


  19. shame on you Mohd Ali Akhtar & Mirza Hussain

    yesterday due to one a call from the Nagar MLA killed a PWD line-man who was working on the main electricity trasmission line at Jafarabad.

    The power supply was cut from Chalt power station for few hours due to the maintenance of a transformer at Jafarabad but a call from Nagar MLA who insisted the electricity to be on, made the PWD Chalt officials forget their four colleagues busy with the main line transmission maintenance and resulting one burnt dead on the main electricity poll, and the second seriously injured.

  20. If people resist the spillway’s expansion then what will happen? The water level will rise and may submerge majority of Shishkat and Gulmit the once summer capital village of Hunza state. They have tolerated till now the harsh weather, the destruction of their homes and property. The water bomb will further accumulate and if not drawn technically then a water blast will occur that will not see the people of downstream resistance, but will cause a human catastrophe. The affectee’s will not be the people of Nagar alone but all the masses living on the banks of river Indus from Attabad to Tarbella.
    Mr. Mirza and Mr. Akhter utilized the China route for smuggling goods and gained name and fame in reward of the cooperation extended to them by the people of Gojal.The Military intelligence is aware about their wealth earned by hook and crook. They won in the same fashion in their respective constituencies. Please let us decide our fate we know better than you how to live and behave otherwise the impact of eagerness will be very devastating for you all.

  21. Dear readers and your comments regarding the Hunza Disaster.

    We respect your views and comments on this website and your worries regarding the fate of lake and spillway, and it’s natural.

    Please be patient for some time and see what the GoP is doing for the people of Hunza, and uptil now the work on expansion of spillway has since been started by authorities concerned and the discharge of lake water has been risen to 9,500 cusecs, as of June 22, despite the opposition from Nagar side. Some people would not agree with me and raise questions that GoP and the Provincial authorities of GB have done nothing for us. I think the two governments (Pakistan and China) are far more affected, because of destruction of KKH and massive landslide and have suffered considerable loss of billions of rupees in the shape of business and revenue. We all know that this is the overwhelming tradegy and test of patience of Hunzakutz at this time. We cannot expect filthy and harsh language be posted on this website, because almost all the people of our valley are highly educated and professional, despite the fact that the two so-called leaders of Nager have demonstrated in recent days. Alas! if they dare to visit the miserable plight of the people affected and living in the tents, then they never issue such irresponsible statements. About 25,000 population of our homeland has been cut off from the rest of the country, hundreds of houses, agricultural land, shops, hotels and everything have been devastated by this catastrophe. Please be united and pray to God that one day Insha Allah our homeland, heaven on earth, would again overcome from this disaster and be on road of progress and prosperity as here-to-fore. Ameen.

    Murtaza Mughal, Hussainabad, Hunza.

    1. There is freedom of speech Mr. Murtaza!. people can learn from all angels, not only by talking wisely and politely as the Gojalis are doing since January 04.People like Muhammad Ali Akhtar and his mind and business fellow who are conscienceless, should be taught by using such statement for what they are deserved .
      No doubt all gojalis are United and Inshallah will show their unity in the future as well.We have main power but still we are looking of the GB Govt’s effeciency.

  22. This is nothing Govt. is creating all these thing to its failure by using these puppets like Akhter and mirza. They practiced FIR by blaming the sincere people of Hunza and Gojal as anti-state they failed to stop public now this is another way to delay the work at spillway.
    Why they don’t want to work and making the situation more critical and dangerous is that they are waiting for a huge disaster to earn money from donor agencies to fill their pockets nothing els
    This Govt. is talking about food, cloth and shelter now we get that this slogan is for not to give but to take from the poor people

  23. If GB has Mohammad Ali Akhtar as the Finance Minister, all I can say is may the Lord have mercy on you!

  24. Dear readers, the level of mohd ali akhtar and mirza hussain is not that like to wasting time on discussing about or even listenable because everyone knows them well.

    But as the people upstream has beared the disaster uptill today and IF still am not sure NDMA as a responsible org will give importance to threats of akhtar and mirza. But if happens and the work still delayed then the lake will convert to a real water bomb from mid july and may brust and disast all downstream on that day all the responsibilities will be on akhtar and mirza’s weak shoulders.

    ahead is this fact
    hope for the best

  25. we reject all blames aginst nagar leaders and we want to say if our taders use Hunza land to trade all hunza peoples also use nagar land for multy purpose. If some body try to dishounour of our top leader ship we never forgave them.
    it is our first and last warning.
    Chairman Nagar Students action counsil

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