[Political Satire] Worried GBLA members want CM back in Gilgit!!

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  1. Hahaha it’s funny… how scare Politicians are, even though a van of police mobile is after them for protection. Think about the poor nation.

    1. dear it is not a real picture of politicians, it is a “representation” of them by someone who obviously doesn’t like them ;D

  2. 100% right……..
    we have not even seen him to visit once the countryside where people are suffering a lot due to the harsh weather but we have seen him to visit Islamabad and abroad frequently. Its my heartfelt appeal to the Governor of Gilgit Baltistan as well to reduce his visit to Karachi etc.. and come to the Gojal to witness the hardship and complicatedness of their lives.


  3. “uski taqdeer mai mazloomi o mahkoomi hai….Qoum jo kar na saki apni khudi sey insaaf”
    Its not the matter of CM back in Gilgit or any other par of the GB rather its the matter of performing his duty as the sole representative of the so -called GBLA. We the people of the GB knows one thing and that is the theoretical chanting of slogans that our representatives are not working. But when its comes the time of election, we again vote to those incompetent and immature people again whom have had made our problems more worst then ever they were in past. We do not think even for a single moment that to whom person we are going to vote is the right one or either he has the guts to cope and solve his respective constituency problems. No not at all, at that time we just see the the relations with respect to our creed, cast etc. Its not the duty of CM rather its the main duty of that Legislative member of that constituency that he should bring his area problems on the Assembly floor and take them into the notice of CM. I would call it the goodness (in the Satire sense) of ours that we have got the most powerful CM (again Satire) who has the ability to clarify and bringing the problems to the premises of Federal Cabinet.

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