Demonstrations in Gulmit and Aliabad to condemn police action in Gilgit city

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Hunza, February 26: Hundreds of angered citizens of Gojal – Hunza came to the streets today in Aliabad and Gulmit to register protest against the brutal use of state force against peaceful Gojali protesters in Gilgit city.

The protesters are demanding immediate removal of the home secretary, Usman Younis.

The Gilgit police baton charged protesters mostly belonging to Gojal valley in Gilgit city today while they were marching towards the City Park, after not being able to meet the home secretary. A 40 member delegation of the committee wanted to meet the home secretary to to inform him about the demands of the local people.

According to a participant of the rally the delegation tried to meet the home secretary to ask him for pushing the relief efforts forward but they were not able to meet him despite of waiting for two hours outside his office.

Yesterday the director of health, Dr Rana Nazeem, had refused to talk to a delegation of the people of Gojal in presence of the media.

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  1. The detention and manhandling of the peaceful protesters is strongly condemnable. The state directing violence against the citizens who correctly assess the failure of the system to deal with the crisis caused by the blockage of Khunjirav River is a total negation of citizens’ ‘democratic rights’ which the state’s regime claims to safeguard. It is also a high time to instigate mainstream public debates regarding police powers and citizen’s rights.

  2. we all condemde thic action of goverment and showed our politiceans and leaders weeknes .This action is against the democratic and its a shamefull act on part of govt and representative of our area .we have all rights to raise voice on the lake formed on the kkh and all plateforms .This action nothing more then to surpress our voice for our rights.

  3. Today the youth and senior member of Gojal made the great history, for struggling their rights this is indeed the failure of political representatives and administrative authorities. the police brutally use force against the innocent and peaceful protesters who are chanting for the deprivation and against the negligence of the present Govt. never in history voice for right has been suppressed by forcefully through state. we condemn such sort of action our young colleague are making a history and we should all be the part of this movement. keep it up

  4. Dear Readers of Pamirtimes,
    I would like to ask the so called migratory politicians and representative about the detention of the peaceful protesters. Did they do any violence or damaged any public assets?
    Quite surprisingly the inefficient government authorities and representatives are further manifesting their true faces in front of the public.
    I regret to say that the so called leaders try to make false statements without knowing about the realities on the ground. At the cost of being inefficient they try to detain the peaceful protesters who are fighting for their rights and are in need of an immediate response to overcome the burning issue whereby Gojal is sinking every second and every minute.

    This situation has finally made things clearer and no one is sincere with the peace of land and for self they interest try to keep the public behind the curtains by showing them false images about the future prospects.
    Now we ought to learn lessons from this situation.Who cares and who bothers.This is me and you who can make a difference by raising our voices to reach to the top authorities.

    My brothers and sisters of Gojal,lets join hands and move forward for our rights otherwise these so called migratory politicians are going to do nothing and just falsified statement to develop a blind faith.

    I hope and pray that my land gets to its actual state soon.Lets be optimistic and continue our struggle for our due rights and keep hoiting the flag of progress at the top of our mountains.

    All the very best for everything

    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  5. I strongly denounced the recent arrest innocent youth and people of hunza by police the shun rhetoric’s of political representatives is now come on surface and there great promises for victims is quickly evaporating, community rights are being trampled underfoot, and civil society organizations are under threat of censorship for speaking out. Government openly accepted responsibility for their actions and apologies to nation.
    at other hand all hunzaies are humbelly requested to come united to resolve this matter promptly we are very upset to see such circumstance and the actions of government .

    MMQizill (Attabadi)

  6. ajj govt of gilgit baltistan na bay hassi ka mozhara kar kay youth of gojal kay uper lati charz kar kay apni bay hassi ka mozhira kaiya.iss afsoos nak khaber per Misgar gojal youth fedration ber por mozmat karti haa.our govt of pakistan say appel karti haa ki motasern gojal ki dsad rasi ki jaye taki inthayi action say bachy

  7. This is a deplorable action by the police in intimidating and harrasing the innocent citizens who were trying to express their feelings of worries and concerns about their area which is being threatened by the developing lake. We condemn the attitude of the authorities and particularly that of the Home Secretary, who is resposible for this deplorable action and he needs to be removed from his position immidiately. Weldone youn men of Gojal it is your democratic right.

  8. Instead of heeding to the voices and concerns of people, democracy perhaps in our area means suppressing the voices of innocent people, who are demanding their rights by peaceful means. That is why the state forces are being brutally used to suppress the voices. We condemn this shameful act. We also demand human rights organization Pakistan to take notice of the human rights violation

  9. I strongly condemn the detention and manhandling of the peaceful protesters by the police. These protesters are our hero. We are proud of our youth, leaders and elders who are together for one cause, that is “Save Gojal”. This will happen again and again until the govt. awake from deep sleep. We also want to tell the adminstration that we are unite -and we will fight for our rights. Our voices are with our heros -dos’nt matter where ever we are.

    Sajjad A Khan
    Ryyadh- KSA

  10. This is an act of barbarism and sabotaging a peaceful protest who were just demanding for their rights they were not involved in any sectarian violence nor damaging public assets.

    This shows the stupid mind-set of the local officials.

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