Gul Baig takes charge as finance secretary of GB

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Islamabad, June 10: Gul Baig has taken charge as finance secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan. It is pertinent to note that the post had been vacant for the past six months. Gul Baig is among the few senior most bureaucrats belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan. He belongs to Gojal, Hunza.

He has earlier worked as Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR), Gilgit. Before taking charge as finance secretary GB he was working as General Manager (Finance) of PEMRA, based in Islamabad.

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  1. Heartiest congratulations to uncle Gul Baig for taking the reign of this distinguished post.
    May Allah bless him more and more.

  2. Congratulations Mr.Gul Baig for having the opportunity to serve the deperived people of GB. You can realy make a difference. God speeed.

  3. So nice to know about the appointment of Brother Gul Baig for taking charge of the secretary finance of Gilgit Baltistan Heartiest congratulations by all of our family members. May Mowla bless you & best of luck to you

  4. May Allah blesss him more and more success in his life. Good wishes and best of luck for the future. We are proud of you my brother.
    Sajjad /Samina

  5. Dear Uncle ..Successful people do simple things differently and you are one of them, congratulation for this wonderful achievement

  6. Congratulations! good news and hope his position will serve our community in this crises


  7. Heartiest Congratulation to uncle Gul Baig and his family, for having the opportunity to serve the peoples of Gilgit Baltistan.

    Majeed ullah Baig
    KIU Glt

  8. Dear Uncle ,
    Your advent in Gilgit-Baltistan and appointment on such a key post, is a ray of Hope for the deperived people of the area,,wish you best of luck,,,
    Shabul Aziz

  9. It is a welcome note to see a man of character and wisdom taking charge of the finances of GB. The selectors take the rightful credit for this appointment. Gul Baig with his rich experience in social services and management can bring the much needed discipline in the govt expenditures and earnings. I am certain it is the beginning of a corruption free secretariat in GB. All our support and prayers are for your success in your endeavors. Good Luck and God bless you and your family.

  10. It’s a good news for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, i hope new role and responsibility will bring a new horizons for development.

  11. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Gul Baig Sahib and his family on his appointment as Finance Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

    Mohammad Ali

  12. Congratulations for your new position as Secretary Finance GB.We need a man of strength and character in this crises situation may God give you the will and strength to work for the deprived masses of GB.We are proud of you.
    Saleem Khan

  13. i extend my heartfelt congratulation to Uncle Gul Baig on his oppointment as Head of Finance of Gilgit-Baltistan and also welcome him in his home town.
    best of luch
    Hameed Tajiki

  14. Heartest congratulations to uncle Gul Baig and his family, may Maula gives you the strength to serve the deperived people of Gilgit Balthistan (Ameen)

    Aaliya K
    FL. U.S.

  15. Many many congratulations Gulbeg bHai!
    I am so very delighted at the news that such a knowledgeable person who has both the appropriate expertise and personal qualities will be responsible for this demanding and increasingly important post. I just hope and pray that his appointment leads to a regulatory regime and brings some much needed directions for the deprived region of GB.

    Parveen Roy

  16. Good for G-B. Gul sahib knows the area and priorities very well. I am certain he will put his best to ensure allocations for reflecting key/ core, commom projects of G-B to improve well being of the people.


  17. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Uncle Gul Baig and his family on his appointment as Finance Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan. All the best=)

    Azeem Hussain

  18. Dear Uncle Gul Baig Sahib,

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations and wel come back to Gilgit. We are proud of you.

  19. It is really good for the people of Gilgit Baltistan to have an officer like Gul Baig to be on the helm of financial affairs.

    We need to be at his side to support him in these difficult times. I am hopeful that with the competence and his wisdom, he will be of great help to the region.

    I wish him all the best.

    Sher Karim

  20. I cannot understand why we are so elated about the appointment of Gul Baig as Finance Secretary. Accept that he is a nice person but that has nothing to do with his job. He is there is serve and protect interest of the government not to represent Gojal or Hunza. Forget that he will bring any change. Stop this habit of extending congratulations to bureaucrats who are cog in the machinery of state that usurps our rights. Bureaucrat is bureaucrat whether from Baltistan, Gojal or Hunza.

    1. The symptoms of sick mind that can not digest the success of great persons. Chronic illness has no cure so is the comment passed by some unknown here at PT.You must digest what you are not capable of, You do not know the contributions and voluntary service rendered apart from his regular service, yes our Govt.emloyees has to perform their tasks as they are paid for but who you are to underestimate employees with integrity and meritocracy. Mind your business. If you are not happy then consult the psychologist.

  21. It is indeed great news that the son of the soil has been entrusted with the key responsibility. Mr. Gulbaig is indeed an honest officer. I don’t agree with the above statement as “He is there is serve and protect interest of the government”. Indeed every officer must look for the interest of the govt. and govt. is “for the people, by the people”. If officers are honest they can better serve the people by removing hurdles. I hope he will better safe guard the interest of people through his acumen.

    Best wishes and Mubarak for Mr. Gulbaig

    Aafiyat Nazar

  22. Congratulations bhai on your new assignment. It is a great news for the people of GB. God bless you and wish you all the best.

    Sultan Ahmed

  23. I am grateful to all those wellwishers who have extended felicitation and attached great expectations to deliver .I shall try my best to apply best practices and endeavour to meet the expectations of the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

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