“Ali Afsar and companions not authorized to run the port”, says Yang Zimin

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Translated by Noor Muhammad

Chairman of the Pak China Sost Port Company (pvt) Ltd., Yang Zimin, has expressed concerns over the controversies inside the sost port. He said that the scenario had nega tive impact on the performance of the port. He said this in response to an email sent to him by Ali Afsar, chairman of the Sost Port Trust. Yang Zimin, in his letter, said that Ali Afsar and his companions were not the ‘legal’ parts of the Sost port and, thus, they can neither control the port nor become its Chairman. He further said that the joint venture had been set up by two companies and it was being run under the Pakistani law, under Article of Associaiton of Joint Ventures…….

Yang Zimin further wrote that since the Chinese had larger shares in the port so they had the authority to run it as well. And even if the entire cabinet of the port trust changes they don’t get the right to operate affairs of the port. He also said that only legal members of the dry port can become part of the port trust but they don’t have any right to control affairs of the dry port.

….. He further wrote that in the wider interest of Sino – Pak relations and the port, they (the Chinese shareholders) don’t interfer in affairs of the port trust. He said that the people of Hunza had the ability to resolve issues and, so, the members of the Sost port Trust shall resolve their internal issues, on their own. We are not working with an individual or a group, but with the Silk Route Dry Port Trust. And we are not concerned with any changes that might have taken place in the trust and we will keep working with its legal members. We also expect same behavior from the Chief Secretary and Deputy Commissionair.

N.B: The above text has been translated from DAILY K2’s website. Caption of the news item reads “Aala Afsaran” – Higher Officials but in the body Ali Afsar and his companions have been named. It might be a typing error.

Complete story at Source: Daily K2 http://dailyk2.com/large.php?id=2589 

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