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“Ali Afsar and companions not authorized to run the port”, says Yang Zimin

Translated by Noor Muhammad

Chairman of the Pak China Sost Port Company (pvt) Ltd., Yang Zimin, has expressed concerns over the controversies inside the sost port. He said that the scenario had nega tive impact on the performance of the port. He said this in response to an email sent to him by Ali Afsar, chairman of the Sost Port Trust. Yang Zimin, in his letter, said that Ali Afsar and his companions were not the ‘legal’ parts of the Sost port and, thus, they can neither control the port nor become its Chairman. He further said that the joint venture had been set up by two companies and it was being run under the Pakistani law, under Article of Associaiton of Joint Ventures…….

Yang Zimin further wrote that since the Chinese had larger shares in the port so they had the authority to run it as well. And even if the entire cabinet of the port trust changes they don’t get the right to operate affairs of the port. He also said that only legal members of the dry port can become part of the port trust but they don’t have any right to control affairs of the dry port.

….. He further wrote that in the wider interest of Sino – Pak relations and the port, they (the Chinese shareholders) don’t interfer in affairs of the port trust. He said that the people of Hunza had the ability to resolve issues and, so, the members of the Sost port Trust shall resolve their internal issues, on their own. We are not working with an individual or a group, but with the Silk Route Dry Port Trust. And we are not concerned with any changes that might have taken place in the trust and we will keep working with its legal members. We also expect same behavior from the Chief Secretary and Deputy Commissionair.

N.B: The above text has been translated from DAILY K2’s website. Caption of the news item reads “Aala Afsaran” – Higher Officials but in the body Ali Afsar and his companions have been named. It might be a typing error.

Complete story at Source: Daily K2 

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  1. If thpse who have invested in the port in terms of money and land have no legal rights to run the affairs of the port then what makes those people legal members who have no investment of any kind while have looted millions of rupees in cash from the accounts of the port.

    If Mr Yang Zimin is not ready to accept the shareholders of the company, what are his views about the financial irregularities committed by the last management.

    What is the authenticity of the source of this news item?

  2. This is the reality which the new front has to accept. In this matter the Chiness do not have any false.
    In simple words , after giving everything to the others , the new people or the people from sosth are trying to see through self built wall.
    In my resent visit I had experienced the worst from of brotherhood . The issue of SDP does not have the complete support of sosth completly. the people of of sosth are divided into two group not ready to hear anything aganist.
    This situation need to have some spiritual power to solve .
    Next nothing , May God help those who know the truth.

  3. Dear Noor

    This news in total contradiction with the news that previosly appeard on PT saying that the first meeting of DPT and Sino Trans was held in China. If Zamin does not accpet this cabinet, how come he met them and held bilateral discussions.

    Belwo is the news item.

    PT Report

    The first meeting of the Sost Port Trust and Sino Trans company took place in Kashgar, China, yesterday. Yang Zimin, head of the Sino – Trans company has assured the new cabinet of his full suppot, according to sources. The two groups have resolved to enhance the fraternal ties between China and Pakistan by increasing trade. The Sost Port Trust delegation comprised of Chairman Ali Afsar, Vice chairman Hoor Shah, directors Sultan Karim, Jan Alam, among others.

    Various issues, including the recent ownership disputes, were discussed between the two grous and it has been agreed that the two will work collectively to facilitate trade between Pakistan and China, it is learnt. Gifts were also exchanged during the meeting.

  4. Thanks Noor for translating and sharing this news item, The Urdu text by K-2 seems to be translated from Shina.

  5. well……….. i am fully sure this is a big lie however if it’s true so what if he did some agreement then my question what kind of agreement he did?? who are the legal’ people ghazanfar,salim,aman shah shah baz or they 12 people who doesn’t know their name spelling, and the all population have no legal right. listen the mir’s tattoo’s what ever you want to play the game we gilgit to gojal are ready to face U…..

  6. if the Yangzimen has given this statement, then think the Mir approch, for this all weople from upper hunza should be united and stage protest, y they are interfering our business, they should know that a huge investment hsa done by upper gojal folks, he should also think about, it seems he is also playing with the emotions of people, bet them all, they should learned some lesson .

  7. who is this young or old zameen? could you please let us know first we can then talk much clearly. I have never bothered myself to involve in this issue but now I think it is getting some thing very much disgusting? is he/she a simple share holder just like any share holder from Northern Pakistan or is this fellow just trying to become another AYASHO from some where???

  8. This Yangzimen has no right to state that who are the legal authorities from Pakistan. He is responsible for China partners and we have to regard that. As far as Pakistan is concern we have our own people to justify and of course we have our own judiciary to settle the issue

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