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AJK assembly condemns the demand of GB assembly as fifth province

Muzaffarabad, December 11: The treasury and opposition benches in AJK Legislative Assembly joined hands in condemning the resolution adopted by the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) to declare Gilgit Baltistan as the fifth Province of Pakistan. The AJK assembly demanded the GB assembly to take back the resolution and perform within limits.

Moving a verbal resolution in the AJK assembly, Finance Minister Latif Akbar said that GB was part of Jammu and Kashmir and when the Indian held Kashmir was freed the whole territory would become part of Pakistan. He said the AJK courts have ruled out any option of settlement before the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Minister for Higher Education said that GB is constitutionally part of AJK assembly and the constitution of Pakistan itself is not accepting Gilgit Baltistan as part of Pakistan.

The Deputy Opposition leader Tariq Farooq regarded the resolution of the elected assembly of GB as violation of the constitution of Pakistan and against the democratic and diplomatic norms.  He said the GB assembly should avoid any step to harm the greater cause of Kashmir.

The member of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference (AJKMC) said the resolution is a violation of UN resolutions on the dispute and prepared to sabotage the strategic stance of Pakistan on Kashmir cause at the international level.

The members said that the constitution of Pakistan itself is accepting Gilgit Baltistan as a part of Jammu & Kashmir and the people of the territory will decide their fate under the UN resolution.

It is here to mention that the Gilgit Baltistan assembly in its last session passed a resolution to declare GB as constitutionally the fifth province of Pakistan.  They maintained that their forefathers liberated the region from the occupation of Kashmiri Dogra Raj and acceded to Pakistan.

The leadership in Gilgit-Baltistan has repeatedly condemned the stance of the Kashmiri leadership for their claims over their region.

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  1. Shame on kashmir leaders ! they enjoy more constitutional powers then GBns how they criticise and condemn our fight for more consitituinoal rights

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