Flood wreaks havoc in Ghizar

by Noor Akbar

Punial, July 30: Floods in Ghizar River and different streams claim two lives in 48 hours with huge loss to cultivated land, crop and property in the district. On Thursday one person in Chatorkhand Ishkomen lost his life in intense lightening while another person was reportedly drowned by flood water in Khalti village of Gupis.

The worst hit in the district by floods is Punial as all three tributaries of Ghizar river meet at Ghakuch.The river water on its way to Gilgit is joined by the streams of Singal, Bubar, Gitch, Japukey, Dalnati, Sher Qilla and Gulapur increasing volume of water in the river. Hundreds of people in low laying parts of Dasmas, Singal, Sher Qilla and Hamuchal have been made homeless as their houses submerged in the flood water.

Apart from Ghizar river floods in different streams have also destroyed crops, cultivated land, trees and properties of the people. The water channels of Singal power house, Gulmuti power house, Sher Qilla power house and power houses of upper parts of Ghizar district have been damaged by the floods that has rendered people without electricity.

People in different parts of the district have been stranded as Ghizar road at different places along river bank has been badly damaged. Floods have destroyed dozens of bridges that has caused Ghizar road link cut off with Gilgit and Chitral for more than a week.

The suspension bridges of Japukey, Gurunjar, and Silpi villages of Punial and bridges in Gupis, Yasin and Ishkomen are reportedly under threat of beings washed away by the increasing overflow of water in Ghizar River.

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