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PSF activists attack, thrash, Gilgiti students in Rawalpindi college

by Comrad Hyder Abbas

Gilgit, September 01: Two students of G-B were badly beaten up by political workers of PSF, in Govt Degree College Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.  According to information recieved students Masroor Ahmad and Maqsood Ahmad went to Degree College to submit the admission fee of Maqsood, the younger one, and the applicant for the college. While they were waiting in a queue for their turn and asked, ”Where from you”, the victims politely told them that they belong to Gilgit. As they offered these words one of the offenders snatched the mobile from Maqsood’s hands and went towards Masroor and did the same. Later they  threatened them to leave the college as they have an old enmity with students of Gilgit. 

When both students  showed some resistance and asked for their mobiles and other stuff, including the amount of their fee, i-e,  Rs. 20,000, the offenders, including president of PSF Degree College Mawa,  suddenly started to beat them. He was joined in by more then 30 boys  leading to major injuries to both the students. They were hits on their heads by bricks, the culprits left them and ran away, after they fell un conscious. According to report the students were vomiting blood.  

Both the students then managed to reach their flats where many students belonging to different parts of G-B gathered  and condemned this act of cowardice and asked the Govt to take severe steps against those who’re involved in this shameful act.

President of BNSO Rwp-Isb division, Zakir Hussain said, there are a lot of students belonging from other cities of Pakistan are studying in Gilgit, but we never showed this kind of behavior towards them, rather we pay them respect for being our guests. The high party profiles of PPP should take some serious steps to avoid these kind of events, which could harm the interests of people of G-B and PPP, as this is not the first case of humiliating the students and citizens of G-B.

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  1. It’s not an irony and I am not surprised to read this news item, because it seems that these kinds of acts, violence, threats, etc are part of the mandate of the PSF. I have seen these kinds of brutal acts with my own eyes. When I was studying in Karachi, in the middle of a class the workers of PSF enter the class room threatening the teacher, asking him to leave the class, beating the administration to do their work first. I guarantee that nothing will happen to the culprits because the government and party backing them is their own. Until people learn to think outside of their tight, local allegiances and begin to recognize the rights of humanity in general we will continue to suffer the ignorance of such thugs.


  2. They all are the notorious guy who are involving in different parties. They forgot that why there aim that why there parents sent to diffrent citis.

    Tahir ghulit

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