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Major shuffling in Gilgit-Baltistan bureaucracy

Our Correspondent 

Islamabad, April 8: The bureaucracy in Gilgit-Baltistan has been shuffled at a major level.

Dr. Faisal Zahoor has been replaced by Atta ur Rehman as Home Secretary, while Capt (r) Nawaz Naseem has been appointed as Secretary of Education, replacing Syed Hadi, whose tenure was tainted by charges of massive corruption.

Wazir Ashfaq has replaced Khalid Nazir Wattoo as Food Secretary. The later has been appointed as Secretary for Science and Technology.

Similarly, Khaqan Murtaza has been appointed Secretary of Power and Electricity, while Naib Khan has been appointed as Chief Economist of Planning and Development. Abdul Qayum has become the Secretary for Local Bodies while the fromer Home Secretary has been appointed as Secretary of Commerce, Minerals and Industries.

It is pertinent to note that major departments have been handed over to Grade 20 officers, whose services have been obtained from the federal government.

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One Comment

  1. GBIANS are keen to witness the proper service delivery by secretaries or their departments. No matter that a person is in grade 20 or 22 the yardstick of his/ her popularity is in accountability, fairness and transparency in his/ her work. Frequent changes also become hinders in accomplishing tasks as the new one has to start work from zero too. However the decision of management would be on merit and in the larger interest of GB community. It is also noticed that for sustainable development and institutionalizing the things, system needs to be develop where an individual may be a part or sub unit of system. If system is not developed in that case the sustainability and stability of any institution may be in danger. Just now I was reading in news paper that as chief secretary sab is on official tour and not at station that is why some irresponsible officials are not in their offices. If it is true even than one percent that means we have no system and accountability. It is true that chief secretary sab has set a good example of accountability and office routine as well. But at the same time we expect with all secretaries and department heads to be following the example of Chief Secretary as well.
    Once again I would make it clear if secretaries and department heads as well as Assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners are not on their seats at 8.o am and leaves not before 4 pm, and not ensuring the presence and leaving of their staff as well are deceiving the GBIANS and their own profession and position as well. As Holy Quran says O, people do not be dishonest in the dealings of Allah and his Prophet peace is upon him and amongst you.
    So far office routines have not been set in 99% offices. These are secretaries and department heads who can become role model for their staff in their daily routines. It is more shocking that some staff is there only in offices to negotiate and bargain on corruption. Such types of black sheep should be discouraged and expelled from office by an honest and self conscious officer.
    With welcoming remarks to all secretaries I would be more interested to ensure streamline the systems at GB level. Some thought provoking questions and suggestions may be as follows:

    1. Are you following the golden Islamic principles those are also pillars of good governance as well i.e accountability, fairness, responsiveness, equity, equality, transparency, participation, consensus orientation, effectiveness and efficiency and strategic vision that leads to a number of positive consequences.
    •People trust your organization
    •You know where you’re going
    •Your board is connected to your membership and stakeholders
    •You get good decisions; people value your work
    •You have the ability to face crises
    •Financial stability

    2. Would you do self analysis of your institution to bridging the gap and tailoring the short comings?
    3. How you would rank yourself and your department heads and unit heads as boss or manager or leaders. As boss and manager demand respect and Leader commands on respect. Boss blames others and takes credit himself while leaders give credit to others and blames himself.
    4. Are you ensured that all you systems are in place? Units are well functional whether you are in office or not.
    5. To what extent you are achieving the desired goal of your institution.
    6. Have your supervisor set targets in written form with you and on same line have you set targets or KRA( Key result areas) with your all staff as GB level.
    7. How is your and your organization’s image in public?
    8. Have you set code of conduct for your staff and play your role as model.
    9. Have you in placed mentoring and monitoring system in your department and how often you are providing feed back and sharing it with your staff. ( I was reading that DC Ghizer, Khapolo and Astore has in placed monitoring system in their respective region) This shows their commitment and devotion with that region and people. We would expect with other deputy commissioners to set such good examples and routines as well. I was also glad to read this news that DC Gilgit was presiding a session of project committee. These signs indicate towards thinking about good governance.

    If any professional has same pattern of working environment in his office or departments definitely he would called honest and committed professional.

    Lastly I would say that four food secretaries have been changed but the issues are still in pending. If one muhallah has been kept deprived for 10 million what would be loss ratio at GB level.
    It is an alarming and challenging situation for secretary and food minister for not delivering due share to a common man and creating artificial crises in the region. All this shows that system is not in place.

    It is hoped that all responsible authorities would considered above mentioned suggestions in assuming their tasks and contribute in developing GB a prosper and peaceful zone.

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