پاکستان کو آزادی مبارک ہو

جہا لت، غربت،  فرقہ واریت، دہشتگردی اور نا انصافی سے اس ملک کے شہریوں کو آزادی کب ملے گی؟

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  1. Jub Pakistan ki parlimentarians 100% wel educated hongay tubb
    جہا لت، غربت، فرقہ واریت، دہشتگردی اور نا انصافی سے اس ملک کے شہریوں کو آزادی ملے گی
    Pakistan ki har citizens ko Azadi Mubarak!!!

  2. We all konw that there is a country named Pakistan but do some soul searching and ask for yourself that is there a nation named Pakistanis and what does it mean?

    I am asking this fundamental question from citizens of Pakistan because Pakistan has emerged as a country without the a nation, without Pakistanis. All people living in this country are not Pakistanis as they have another identity which is stronger than being a Pakistani.

    You people living and dying down the Indus tell the people around the world who you are!… Recognize yourself and recognize others or perish!!!

  3. Everything will be fine once we get rid of MULLAHS. This is the very same Mullah who first opposed the creation of Pakistan and now hi-jacked the independence of our Motherland. Absolutely, Mullah is the worst creature under the Sky.

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