Senior minister Muhammad Jafar abusing public money

Three separate ‘congratulatory’ messages by the senior minister on Independence Day printed in a single newspaper

Front page of the newspaper

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Islamabad, August 14: Muhammad Jafar, a senior minister of the Gilgit – Baltistan government, has set a new example of abusing public funds by issuing three separate advertisements to three editions of a single newspaper on independence day of Pakistan.

The minister, holding portfolios of the ministry of Food and Agriculture, has apparently used public money to pay for three separate ‘congratulatory’ advertisements, one each as a senior minister, food minister and minister for agriculture. Each advertisement is quarter page in size, colored and printed on front and back sides of the newspaper’s three separate editions.

This implies that the senior minister paid 500 percent extra money to get the advertisements printed in all three editions of the newspaper, collectively 9 advertisements at the rate of 1200 rupees per column centimeter. In terms of money the total amount spent on these useless advertisements equals to around one million rupees (10 lac), at least.

A photo of the minister from GB government's website

The wastage of public money by a senior cabinet member in a situation where thousands of people in the  entire region have been displaced from their houses and four villages have been completely destroyed, including one in the minister’s constituency, Ghanche, is a tragic commentary on the state of affairs. At least 120 people have been killed by the unprecedented catastrophe in GB and the cabinet is begging aid from the federal government. In this situation the minister’s extravaganza exposes his lack of interest in providing relief for the displaced people. It also reflects Mehdi Shah’s inability to discipline his cabinet members.

The self glorifying minister apparently has not felt a grain of shame for brandishing his not-so-good photographs on the front and back pages of this newspaper along with other leaders at the cost of scarce and much needed public money.  Interestingly the qualification section of the said minister on website of the Gilgit – Baltistan (click to open) government is empty!

The newspaper which generally gives cherubic advises to the government on good governance and sensible usage of public money has apparently been dazzled by the advert money.

There is a need to launch investigation against the senior minister for wasting valuable public money for self glorification, more than anything.  There is a possibly that the minister is trying to buy the newspaper’s loyalty by spending public money.

It is also a pity that similar advertisements have been given by the governor and other members of GB cabinet in the same newspaper. At the time of this report’s compilation other newspapers of the region are not available for analysis. However, it is highly likely that other newspapers of the region would also carry such useless and redundant messages. In such a case the total cost of ‘congratulatory’ messages is likely to increase exponentially, mocking the flood affected people who are waiting in despair for relief and rehabilitation.

Back page of the same newspaper

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  1. PPP = Plunder Pakistan Party

    98% of PPP is bunch of looters and ghundaz like the president himself. The rest of 2% are good men but idiots who are waiting for Mehdi to come and clean the mess.

  2. He seems to be either a relative of Raja Maqpoon who has spent the public money so mercilessly on this meaningless self portraying for cheep publicity. This fund should have been used to help those who have lost their livelihood due to floods and in the region. Is there any body in the judiciary to take notice of this highly irresponsible act by a minister for food and agriculture.

    God knows what is the morality behind this aggressive publicity campaign by the minister.

    He should be ashamed of doing this instead of making these funds available to the flood victims

  3. we highly appreciate your balance & enlightening reporting on different regional issues. please keep up your good work.
    we wish you success in your noble cause .

  4. Rightly said Meer Jaffars are in abundant and no sign of Tipu Sultan, perhaps, “Jeysay Log veysa Raaj”.

  5. these kind of blunders may happen again and again. we can only comment. dear people of GB, remember these cheap blander and replace such black sheep in next election. until then bear it.

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