Dead body of tour guide found on Biafo glacier after six years

By Sher Shah

Gilgit, August 30: Decomposed body of Qasim Shah, a tourist guide belonging to Khairabad (Raminji) Gojal, was found at the Biafo – Hisper glacier six years after he went missing during an expedition.

According to details Qasim Shah, 38,  son of Abdul Shah, went missing after falling in a glacial crevice on May 28, 2004. He used to work for the Nazir Sabir Expedition.

In August this year some people passing by the area noticed the dead body of Qasim Shah exposed due to melting of ice. On getting the information relatives of Qasim organized a mission to evacuate the body.  The dead body of Qasim was not in proper shape but his brothers were able to recognize him with the help of cloths, shoes and other belongings.

The dead body was brought down to Biantha (near Askoli) where Namaz-e-Jinaza was offered and the remains were buried.

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  1. Qasim Shah was really a great person. I still remember the days he spent with us. He was a nice and trustworthy neighbor, elder brother,friend and teacher for us simultaneously.

    May his soul rest in eternal Peace. AAMIN

    Najeeb Ullah
    Madison, USA

  2. i never see such sympathy, harmonious and human loving person. His smiling face i never forget, he had a great personality. Many people had known him as a good sports man in the region.
    May his soul rest in eternal Peace. Aamin
    Rehmat Karim
    Abu Dhabi

  3. The pain of loosing such an encouraging, dedicated and loving person is still in hearts of his known people. He was very kind hearted and helping. We lost not only a youngster, a great teacher and a good sportsman but also an elder brother who cares a lot.
    We all miss him a lot and pray that his soul rests in eternal peace (Ameen).


  4. Qasim shah was one of the most respectable and honourable person, he was a good freind of mine, he was a brave heart and loving person. all friends of him are feeling very sorry of missing and his death in young age. may Allah keep his soul in peace. unexpected recovery of his dead body after 6 years is a miracle. but it is law of nature. God bless him.

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