[Opinion] Media Propaganda

By Naweed-e-Sahar

Media has been used as a tool to influence opinions and perspective regarding certain issues and prioritize some ideas over the others.  It is human psyche that when something is repeatedly told to a person, he or she starts to believe it without much logical thinking. At times one starts believing in something as result of media propaganda that seems irrational otherwise.

In the course of history media has been used as a very practical tool to influence public opinion. For instance in the 1930s Hitler used it successfully to further his Nazi movement. He made the Germans believe that they are super humans and are entitled to rule other nations. He urged them to face the other European nations who had inflicted a huge defeat on them in the WW-I, using successful propaganda through media.

The role of media propaganda as a tool to influence public opinion during the cold war was used by the USSR and USA extensively. Partially it was the advanced media of US  that led to the supremacy of US in the cold war, eventually.  Especially the role of media in Afghan war cannot be ignored.

In modern times the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the aftermath of 9/11 has much to do with media though it had been existing for a longer period of time. But no one knew about it until it came in the lime light and got media attention after the  9/11 incident. Moreover due to the mega incident of 9/11 and some more related incidents terrorism is associated with Muslims though there are many other fundumentalists and terrorists who are inspired religiously or ethnically. For instance,  the Shiv Sina and Vishua Hindu Pareshad in India burnt alive Christian missionaries in 2001 and thousands of Muslim in 2002. But since the world media does not give much importance to them and people around the world know less about them.

The public opinion moves around and is shaped by some powerful media groups around the world. These group bring those issue to public notice in which they feel there is some strategic and financial interest of their own and their preferred corporate groups on which they feed.

Regardless of its negative impacts media propaganda has served some noble causes for mankind.  For instance media was the major force behind civil rights movement, equal rights for women rule of law and democracy, in the US and other parts of the world. And even today in certain corners media serves that purpose especially in the countries and societies where the media is free. It has contributed to tobacco free world fund raising awareness about environmental issues and aids etc.

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  1. I just wish people could realise the presence of a BIG BALL within their head and start THINKING rather than caring about what other (i.e. media) is propagating. Good and Evil are a part of life and one should realise that evil cant be fully eliminated as long as this world exists. I am not saying this, Quran says this if you are a Muslim, Bible says this if you are a christian and Geeta says this if you are a Hindu.
    Briefly speaking, I just have to say one thing and that is …things become USELESS when you don’t use it or when you are clever enough not to care about it……thus…Mind will become useless if you cant think…and if you are clever or intelligent enough to think then this evil thing will itself become USELESS since your ‘RATIONAL’ thinking will lead you to good.

    That is what Bible, Quran and Geeta have been crying… THINK, THINK, THINK DAMN IT!!!

    so my suggestion::: STOP caring about of evils N just START thinking RATIONALLY….saari buraayian khud khatam hu jayeingi… (Obviously if you are thinking in a negative way…dats not rational, not the way I would define rationality).

    there will be 50 channels,,,,,thousands of bad things said…BUT the day you can find one good thing and apply it…is the day YOU have started THINKING………..


  3. An interesting piece of writing indeed.
    Propaganda has always been used as tool to influence perceptive, opinion or ideology. It is said that the downfall of the many mighty civilizations were also credit to black or Grey propaganda.
    Today the notion of propaganda has transformed to ‘ Media Propaganda’ with the advancement in information Technology. The above given examples given by the narrator are live ones. Thus the point to ponder here is whether are these media propaganda are used for the constructive development of the society or to create clashes or conflicts among different walk of lives!

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