Mehdi Shah visits Chatorkhand to witness damages to Pir Karam Ali Shah’s property


MLA Pir Karam Ali Shah explaining the damages caused to his land by the devastating floods. The Pir had appealed to the CM yesterday during the GBLA session to visit his land and compensate the losses incurred.


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  1. Pir Saheb is in the Government and he should first show damages of Public to Government , instead that he is showing his damages to his own Government. What he would do for the Nation or or our region. He is in rule from thirty five years. Now there is question that where Public go to show his grievances.

  2. I am under no illusion that every person wants the best for him / herself … even if their public statements say otherwise .. Pir sahib being no different, I am sure he cares more for what happens to him and his … after all he is human!!

    The only issue I have is with the fact that there are quite a few places along the Ishkoman and Karambar valleys that could do with some attention …. so even if Pir sahib is given what he asks for .. fine .. but how about sorting the bridge at Bad Swat nullah, fixing the road along the spurs, setting up basic health in Borth … offering support in agriculture and animal husbandry to the ultra poor and seriously tackling the opium addiction in the area.

    I am positive that all the above would cost less than the compensation being asked for by Pir sahib!

  3. I fully agree with the comments made by Mr.Sharifullah and Mr.Nisar Malik. There has been huge devastation under the very nose/land of Peer sahib in villages of Kuchdeh and Birgal. Actuallly, the entire Ishkoman Tehsil has been devastated. The government in power supposed to look after every body. It should not be like charity begins at home. The poor people should be compensated first before their peers.

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