Ashura tomorrow, security on high alert, millions to remember Imam Hussain (AS)

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Islamabad, December 16: Ashura, the 1oth day of Islamic Month Muharram, will see millions of Muslims remember the time when a tyrant martyred Imam Hussain (AS) along with most of his family members.

In Pakistan, comprehensive security arrangements have been put in place across the country to  safeguard the million of mourners who are likely to take part in the processions.

Last year a major bomb blast in Karachi had killed scores of mourners leading to a spat of sectarian violence that brought down life to a halt for several days. Thousands of shops were razed to to ashes.

In Gilgit – Baltistan major processions will be held in Nagar Valley of the Hunza – Nagar District, Gilgit city, Skardu city and Ghanche.

All segments of the society have called for peace and harmony during the Ashura processions and the month of Muharram.

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