[Pictory] Gulmit on May 13, 2010

Images: Rehmat Karim Diwan

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  1. thanks PT, can u also give us the latest updates about shishkat village nd what about the D.J middle shchool? it would be nice to have some pics of it. thanks for great job

  2. Thank you very much indeed for awakening the G.B administration and federal government as well…good keep it going……….

  3. Dear Zulfiqar Ali & Noor,

    Thank you very much for keeping us updated regarding worsening situation in Hunza. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and I hope you will keep it continue with the same spirit in future as well.
    Gohar Ayoub. Kabul Afghanistan

  4. Dear Zulfiqar & other team members,

    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job since January 2010 by keeping us updated about the worse situation in our Gojal. It is really appreciating and best wishes for your future efforts.

  5. Dear all,
    This 4 january 2010 incident changed my mind and i am very thankful to Pamirtimes they have created awarness among the youth and start a thinking process that what is going wrong and right. During the last decades we were pushed into the darkness and we were unable to judge and comment now its time of change every one of us should participate and Pamir Times is an intllectual platform where we share ideas and bring the reality of the situation. We talk more and do nothing saying no and strugling for the right is symbol of our strong faith of Islam.

  6. Hats-off to Pamir times and its members for your tireless efforts in bring fowrd the updates about the catestrophe at Hunza and developing awarenewss. Thnx once again!

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