Educure Magazine launched in Gilgit

“A magazine for the students, by the students”

Speakers and audience during the launching ceremony

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Gilgit, January 17: An educational magazine, Educure, initiated by the youth led “Organization for Educational Centre (OEC)”, was launched today at Serena Hotel, in Gilgit.

The formal launching ceremony started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a presentation about OEC. Imtiaz Ali Taj, President of OEC, and Jibran Hayat explained the vision, mission and history of OEC in detail. Taj also thanked all members, supporters and well wishers of OEC for supporting the initiative. He made a special mention of Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Mr. Saranjam Baig  and GECC for their generous support.


Title page of the magazine

Later, Nadeem Gul, chief editor of Educure, shared information about the magazine’s content, format and focus. “This is a magazine for the students, by the students”, he said.

“The basic idea behind this initiative is to give young students of GB access to educational information. In the process we also hope to polish their journalistic skills, increase their knowledge of the surrounding world and change their perceptions”, Nadeem further explained.

Assistant Professor, Sultan Ahmed, later presented a review of the magazine.

Towards the end a formal launching ceremony was conducted by the chief guest, Zafar Iqbal – MD NATCO. In his speech the chief guest appreciated the youth for coming up with indigenous initiatives for resolving educational needs of the region.

Other speakers also praised the youth led efforts and gave valuable suggestions for improvement of the OEC initiative.

OEC plans to launch an e-book of the magazine for GB students who have internet access. Most of the books will be distributed in schools with the help of district administration, a representative of OEC told Pamir Times.


Group photo of the participants of Educure launching ceremony

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  1. This is a unique, stunning and terrific initiative which will go a long way in assisting and guiding students in shaping their careers. All admirations and appreciation goes to the core team of OEC; especially Jibran Hayat, Imtiaz, Taj, Noubahar and many other dedicated and committed team members whose determination, persistence, passion and spirit made this possible.

    Hats off to all the intelligent young minds of this wonderful initiative!


  2. We, the students of GB welcome this great initiative. We wish them all the BEST.


  3. I got the opportunity to participant and perform a parody in the event to refresh the audience. This is great initiative and I Salute the team for their timely and great initiative.

    Sajjad (nickname: Musharaf)

  4. This is really a unique initiative. It needs to be sustained. I really appreciate the young minds for their deep thoughts and action plans. Musharaff, you rocked man!!!! keep it up

  5. ”Organisation for Educational Centre”? Could not fathom the meaning of the name. Is it coherent? or irony is intended?

  6. Many many congratulation to those who took this initiative and those who contributed to it. Best of luck for your future endeavor.

  7. A great initiative by the Rock youth towards new educational reforms. I am sure the youth will also work for its sustainability and quality services. Congrates on your marvelous efforts..

  8. Its indeed a great initiative for the uplifting of education in Gilgit-Baltistan. This will bring awareness among other educational stakeholders to take such creative initiatives for the development purpose. This will reflect the good side of the GB Image to whole country. I congratulate the whole team of Educure! This name is very ideal name because only education can cure all the problems of the society.
    One small thing to be noted: the website mentioned on the magazine doesn’t work i think.

  9. A great initiative taken by a great minds of Gilgit-Baltistan’s young youth. it is needed to be sustain in future as well. I really appreciate the efforts of Jibran, Noubahar, Nadeem and others, who have encouraged the young to write which is really needed to be promote in our society. Congratulation OEC Team
    Hameed Tajik,
    NUML Islamabad

  10. Congratulations to the Educure Team!
    Indeed it is a great initiative by theses young minds, the way these guys have prepared a quality educational magazine with limited material resources is highly appreciable.
    I think we all need to share our input in such constructive efforts.

  11. Congratulations to the management of OEC on this constructive step. I hope this positive initiative will go a long way and our students will benefit from this magazine.

    I look forward to see the contributions.

    God Bless you

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