Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

[Opinion] Leadership Vision and Governance

Nael Khan

Governance is defined as the process of decision making in strict compliance with rules and regulations. Good governance is the new concept of democracy where all stakeholders are involved in formulation of policy affecting them.With the self empowerment ordinance 2009,reluctant administrative and financial authority was awarded to the Gilgit Baltistan legislative asssembly. Notwithstanding the effort to be regarded as first step towards gradual empowerment,the assembly remain devoid of any competent and effective leadership. Important positions were distributed on the basis of Jiala concept as return for the political efforts. Hence the overall effect of the self empowerment ordinance remained zero.

A visionary and educated leadership would have immediately selected certain long term and short term goals. Public,the people of Gilgit Baltistan,the main stakeholder felt no impact of the empowerment scheme. Tourism,health,education and basic service provision remained unaffected rather further deteriorated with significant eye opening examples. The only result oriented cadet college skardu reached the brink of disaster with corruption ,political and sectarian interference. Cadet coleges are cosidered to be the production factory of disciplined and well organized individuals. However the initial achievements of cadet college skardu is marred by Political interference and selection of students without merit. The Gilgit Baltistan has recently been able to appoint Principal in the college after the previous administration was dissolved.

Similarly government lacked the ability to formulate tourism development and tourism marketing strategy. Tourism could be enhanced to a level where it may act as the source of major revenue generation. Tourism development strategy require creation of a sound road infrastructure network. It is pertinent to mention here that the integration of modern road infrastructure with preservation of natural landscape is the real essence of tourism marketing & development strategy. Modern service facilities along the road like restaurant,rest area etc would make Gilgit Baltistan as the hub of tourism and would attract a huge number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. Keeping in view the restraint of resources, the project be planned in specific areas as first phase of tourism development. Infrastructure development for Nalter and Deosai could be the foremost priority to be scheduled in the first phase. However government failed to plan or design any coherent torism development policy.

Reliability of Pakistan international flights operating on the GB route is another irritating issue directly affecting all and sundry. Installation of all weather radar on Gilgit Baltistan airport would reduce the plight of people travelling to and from the region. With the reliability enhanced ,Skardu airport may be linked with central asia and china opening new oppurtunities of trade and tourism. The claims have recently been made by the chief minister about upgradation of Skardu airport to inernational degree, however the materialization would really gauge the sincerity of claim.

Whereas the elected representatives hold greater responsibility for evolving a comprehensive program and strategy,equal responsibility must be shared by the people electing their representatives. The selling of vote for mere money or cup of tea would always left them in the same situation of misery and cul de sac. Vote is a sacred trust entrusted upon the people by system of democracy. It is incumbent upon the people to use their right of vote with clear mind and educated approach. Without displaying sense of responsibility and awareness during election season, any complains afterwards seems absurd and a matter of opted choice.

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