Fri. May 14th, 2021

[Pictorial] Latest images from the dammed Hunza River

PT Photographs

2 thoughts on “[Pictorial] Latest images from the dammed Hunza River

  1. well in the photo graphs so far it looks unsatisfactory achievement by FWO.Because all the big boulders are there.
    When the two (2) High ranking Army officers briefed the media on December 2010
    there target was to excavate the spillway up 30 meters deep.
    by 11 may 2011
    the time is running for them only one month is left,
    the ice melting water will force them to stop for more excavation.
    for the present circumstances.I do not think it well make much difference then last year.
    It will be Approximately 13 to17 feet lower (down) at Gulmit and Husaini area.

    Hikayat shah

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