Deteriorating condition of the Karakuram Highway

Commuters stranded at the KKH today due to blasting during the day time (MMS Photo)

Rehman Posh

Diamer, May 9: The Karakuram Highway remained blocked for around three hours today, as workers carried out massive blasts to demolish hanging masses of rocks near Raikot Bridge, Diamer.

The condition of road between Thakot Bridge and Gilgit has worsened due to negligence of the NHA and FWO, causing a lot of trouble for the commuters.

It is pertinent to note that thousands of ordinary people, as well as tourists and personnel of armed forces, use the KKH to travel between Gilgit and Rawalpindi. The deteriorating condition the road, which is already blocked near Attabad, Upper Hunza,  is a major issue that needs to be resolved on priority and sustainable basis.

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