Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

[Opinion] Drug abuse

Darvesh Karim 

The use of drugs and alcohol is as old as history. In every society there have always been individuals who used mood-changing drugs like opium and cocaine etc. In this age however new drugs, more potent and harmful than those found in nature, have been developed in laboratories. The use of drugs has also become widespread. The illegal trade of narcotics has become the most profitable business in the world.

It is becoming a universal problem that drugs are playing a vital role in the destruction of the human lives. Every society and every community of the world is endangered with this fatal intoxication. God has blessed the human beings the superiority in terms of intellectual powers among all the creatures in the universe but it is only the drug that has dragged the man to the bottom of the human values. God has condemned the drugs and has considered a curse. This is quite clear from the Holy Book.

A poet says;

A truth indeed drug is a curse

This tells us the Holy Verse.

Only the beings are its nurse

It has engulfed the universe

The strayed fools are its purse God may save us from this curse.

Who may be the greatest fool, to use the drugs/intoxications despite knowing it being fatal and destructive to life? There is need to highlight it’s effects on human lives among the youngsters of the time, so that they may be well aware of the disastrous outcomes of using it.

Brain is the main and central part of the body to control each and every organ of the human structure. If there is a person who is physically well balanced and healthy but his brain is not functioning properly, we call him the disabled or insane. Drug addicted is also be called an insane because using of drugs affect the human brain and destroys the usual function of thinking and decision power in the initial stage. Drugs affect mind and body equally. Gradually, the destruction of the other parts of the body increases and drugs destroy the lungs, heart, nervous system and kidney etc. At the end there use to be only a skeleton of the human being which devitalise the ability of thinking, working efficiently and to tackle down day to day activities of life. A person who takes drugs even once cannot escape from it for life. His body become lethargic and he tries to remain under the influence of drugs throughout day and night.

An addicted tries to get the drugs at any cost, as he cannot obtain drugs legally; he has to purchase them through illegal channels at very high prices. Most addicts, especially those belonging to poorer sections of the society turn to crimes in order to get money for the drugs. To fulfil his needs he starts from stealing things and this habit leads to the murder as well. Therefore, the family or friends of a drug addict should never hesitate calling drug addiction helplines and hotlines in case they have no idea how to deal with the problem.

The contributor works at Professional Development Centre North (PDCN), Gilgit.

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  1. Mr. Darvesh Karim

    Wonderful piece of work and very touching one – keep it up. I am so happy to note that you are currently associated with PDC-N. Also my salute to Pamirtimes for creating the opportunity.

    Gul – Kabul, Afghanistan

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