Last episode of Express TV's "Safar Hai Shart" program


Last Episode, Part 3:

Last Episode, Part 2:

Last Episode, Part 1:

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  1. Well done Waqar Ahmed Malik and Mukarram Kalim for this wonderful job. You presented the positive image of Pakistan to the outside world. It was indeed a unique and interesting program. By taking Hunza as a case study, you proved that something is right about our country.

    What will be the immediate and long term impact of ” Safar Hai Shart” on our region? Lets discuss!

  2. It is indeed a real inspiration to see the True picture of HUNZA presented by EXPRESS CHANNEL . A guide line for our other brothers and sisters living in different provinces of this beautiful culturally diverse country to do at its own by forming smaller organisations at union and village level and no doubt they can achieve it its own but SAFAR HAY SHART .

    God bless this beautifull valley , Ameen

    Engr.M.Hussain , Glenview USA

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