اپیل برائے امن

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  1. agar koi aap kay ghar ma ghus kay aap ko marnay lagay to aap ko defend karna chahiya?
    I think so

  2. ham nagar kay ghundu ki dashatgardi ki mozanmat harty haa or batana chaty haa ki tumay ki ayinda kabi aysa galti mat karna warna aik aik nagar waly say hisab langay tum dashatgard mazdoor aik gojali ka bi kouch bigade nahi sakty jio gojal and zindabad gojal youth

  3. team pamirtimes i really do appericate ur sencere efforts. Hats off.. What ever was happend there must be very huge misunderstanding behind it. I request our brothers of nager to move on with responciblity, coz our future ez togther…. And for my brother of hunza my request is to keep ur self cool and now forget what had happend, just come on the table to inshure that such events should not take place…. Happy Ramadan to all of u..

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