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NALA polls on 12th November, no additional seat for Hunza

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Gilgit, August 19:  According to information obtained 3rd day of October has been set as the last date for submission of candidature papers for NALA elections 2009. Election symbols will be allotted to the screened candidates by 17th October and polling is expected to take place on 12th November. The results will be officially announced on 14th November, according to a proposed plan reported by a regional Urdu Daily. 

For preparation of voter lists registration and assistant registration officers have been appointed by the Election Commissioner, Gilgit – Baltistan. In HE2K9Hunza, ward 6, the assistant commissioner, Zameer Abbas, has been appointed as the registration officer, while Tehsildar Amir Khan and Tehsildar Mir Alam have been appointed as assistant registration officers in ward 6. Similarly, in Nagar, war 4 &5, the assistant commissioners and Tehsildars have been appointed as registration officers.    

It has become clear that contrary to the popular demands for increasing representation of Hunza Valley in NALA, from 1 seat to 2, no action has been taken. This inaction on part of the establishment is surely going to disappoints tens of thousands of people across Hunza Valley.     

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  1. With this jewel “No additional seat for Hunza in NALA” in his thrown of successes Mir Ghazanfar sahib should go the people of Hunza to secure votes for his next tenure!!!

  2. It has to happen, because we do know that how capable our leaders are. I would suggest that the people of Hunza and Gojal should boycott the election and all its procedures, they should observe black day in protest, on the rejecting the desire of thousand of people ought most need.
    We need a leader that can pave way for us in the future, because we will be facing, many challenges, and our resources will be misused, from the depth of our rivers to the mountain peak, by the people who never took as the citizen or human living in this country.

  3. Dear readers

    That is very big loss for Hunza region and I think this is weakness of Ghazanfer and PPP local leaders too because they also not play their roll for demanding a Hunza additional seat from his PPP central government because this is a very good chance for them to solve the Hunza public demand and make history. So it is a time too before announcing the central government Sam packages on October 2009 we again strauggle for Hunza additional seat.

    Ali Aman Gojali
    Tajikistan Basdakhshan

  4. It shows poor leadership and non interest of Mir Ghazanfar with his areas because he has never been observed to fight for the additional seat for Hunza areas in any level. He should learn from Prince Mohyuddin of Chitral that after elected as MNA in2007 from PML Q ticket, he declared to support ruling party PPP just for the sake of development of Chitral while Mir Ghazanfar adversely supported opposition party PML Q that why additional seat for Hunza areas was not approved.
    Right leader can take right decision in right time.

    Mohammad Yousuf Zond
    Mastuj, Chitral

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