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Greetings of the “new day”


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  1. haqppy nawruz mubarak to all and may God bless all an happy life .from the gojali students of akhssg

  2. Dear All

    Happy Navroz Mubarak to all of you, I pray that this new year will bring more happiness, prosperity and success in each one’s life.

    this day also provide us the oppertunity to review our overall character and pledge new committments to move forward.


    Shah Zaman

  3. Cherished readers,

    “Happy Novroz Mubarack to all of U and Ur Family”

    best of wishes to my dearest one’s Mr.Piyar and Skinder….

    God bless all of YOU,

    Warmth Regards,

    Shahid Ali Sakhi
    The FMFB Rawalpindi

  4. Dear All,
    Happy Navroz Mubrak to all .May God Bless all an Happy life.Thanks to PT for their great work .

  5. Greetings for the up coming Navroz to all friends and readers and hope that PT will improve the visionary approach with new dimensions as of New Year,


  6. Navroz Muborak to everyone. May! this day bring happiness, peace and prosperity in our life.

    Best regards

    Sher Ahmad

  7. We wish a very happy happy Nowroz Moborak to all of UUU………….

    Tariq and Nasira

  8. Novroz Mubarak to all the readers and their families.

    With best wishes,

    Regards.. Haider,Najma, Javeria, Aliyan and Ali

  9. HaPPy HappY NovRoz to all My sisters,brothers, mothers , friends and also my Enemys….


    Saeed Pakistani,
    Darbaan Bazar Patel para,

  10. To all,

    Wishing you smiles and all things nice.
    May this Navroz bring all the comforts,
    you have ever wanted,
    and all the joy and laugher you have ever wished,
    Happy Navroz to everyone.

    Amees Khan,
    Saudi Arabia

  11. “Navroz “ a Persian word means a beginning of New Year. Used to celebrate as a festival in IRAN during the reign of King Jamshed. Symbolically it is the beginning of new life.

    So with this new beginning of life I wish all of you a very HAPPY NAVROZ MUBARAK. . May this day brings happiness, prosperity, and courage to forgive each other to our life.


  12. Warm Novroz Greetings to all Ismaili and Xik Murdum across the globe, have a very happy Novroz Mubark
    stay in peace, and have happiness,success,unity and prosperity


  14. Thursday, March 19th, 2009 at 11:55 pm
    A New Year, A New Beginning
    President Obama released a special video message for all those celebrating Nowruz. Translated “New Day,” Nowruz marks the arrival of spring and the beginning of the New Year for millions in Iran and other communities around the world. This year, the President wanted to send a special message to the people and government of Iran on Nowruz, acknowledging the strain in our relations over the last few decades. “But at this holiday we are reminded of the common humanity that binds us together,” he says.

    After committing his administration to a future of honest and respectful diplomacy, he continues on to address Iran’s leaders directly: “You, too, have a choice. The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations. You have that right — but it comes with real responsibilities, and that place cannot be reached through terror or arms, but rather through peaceful actions that demonstrate the true greatness of the Iranian people and civilization. And the measure of that greatness is not the capacity to destroy, it is your demonstrated ability to build and create.”


    “Once again, I say to you all on Navroz, ‘Navroz Mubarak’, and I want you,
    at the beginning of this New Year, to try to think a bit ahead in your future.
    Each Navroz, say to yourselves, ‘Have we done our work?’ If you have then
    I will be very happy indeed. I say Eid Mubarak to all of you and I give you
    most affectionate blessings. Khanavadan, Khanavadan.”
    – Mowlana Hazar Imam

    May all the darkness disappear and your life be enlightened as the glowing
    Sun and blossom like the spring, which has arrived with the festival of Novroz
    May the Division Grace, Barakat and blossom Manifest in your life as portrayed by Pir Nasir Khusraw.
    With warmest Regards Nadeem Akbar & Family

  16. NaVrOz MuBaRAk 2 eVErY OnE & GOD BLesS u aLL ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. Dear readers of PT,
    I wish you all a very happy navroz mubarak.
    A moment of joy, a moment of happiness, a moment of hope, a moment of celebrationss and moreover a moment of great blessings.

    A very warm wishes once again on this happy occasion.

    All the very best

    Aslam Ghalib

  18. Navroz Mubarak – نوروز مبارك

    Happy New Year to everyone. May the year bring you much joy and happiness.

    The springtime of a friend of Ali is always full of the efflorescence of Ali.
    None deserves eminence and praise among the people except he who befriends Ali.
    The heart of every Shi’i is protected from Satan in the fortress of Ali.
    As Ali is from the Prophet’s family, the true Shi’i belongs to the family of Ali.
    A hundred years of praise is not equal to even one in a thousand praises of Ali.
    Courage, knowledge, abstinence, generosity: these are the qualities I revere in Ali.
    Therefore, my back is bent with gratitude under the weight of the favours of Ali.
    My under and outer garments are faith and knowledge, just as they were for Ali.
    If you want to understand his status, reflect upon the role and the deeds of Ali:
    he was a lion, the battlefield his meadow, and Gabriel was the spearman of Ali.
    Ali’s cave is of knowledge, not stone, for stone does not befit the glory of Ali.
    The clouds of ta’wil do not shed their droplets except on the trees and the seed-fields of Ali.
    Ali had no desire for gold or silver; faith and knowledge were the choice of Ali.
    There was not fault in him nor blemish in the tongue, hands and garments of Ali.
    Husayn and Hasan, the Prophet’s reminders, were none other than the reminders of Ali.
    Truly no one can be saved from the fire unless he comes under the protection of Ali.

    Nasir Khusraw

  19. Novroz Mubarak to all of you,
    May Allah shower his blessings to all of you on this happy occasion.

    Ali Masud

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