Protests held in Sost against armed invasion of Hussaini and Borith

Gojal Youth accuses district administration of patronizing and facilitating the “armed invaders” 

Locals demand operation clean-up at Sost and Attabad Spillway for weapons recovery

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Sost/Aliabad/Gilgit, August 6: Hundreds of residents of the border town of Sost staged a protest demonstration against the armed invasion of Hussaini and Borith village in Gojal Valley. They were chanting slogans against the government and administration for completely failing to protect innocent residents of Borit and Hussaini Village.

The police in Sost baton charged and tear-gassed the peaceful demonstrators without any provocation, leading to a confrontation which resulted in losses to several vehicles and a petrol pump. The demonstrators accused the Hunza – Nagar Police and the District Administration of biased attitude towards the residents of Gojal Valley during the recent incident.

Similar allegations were levelled against the Police and Administration by leaders of an organization named Gojal Youth and another

A bike that had been torched at Borit village yesterday

called Gojal Youth Forum. Addressing separate press conferences in Gilgit the leaders of these two parties accused the police of patronizing, facilitating and protecting the armed labourers who had invaded two villages of Gojal Valley yesterday and damaged property of the local people.

They had also beaten a 70 year old man, Shafa son of Mastan at Borit, along with his two sons aged 17 and 14, and another young man named Fareed. They had also attacked the vehicle of a senior police official and beaten him up. “The invaders wanted to give it a sectarian colour but the people of Gojal failed their plans”, leaders of the Gojal Youth Forum told the press in Gilgit.

The demonstrators in Sost have demanded of the government to conduct clean-up operations in Sost and at the spillway of the dammed Hunza River to recover weapons from the labourers. “Gojal is the most peaceful area in Gilgit – Baltistan and the labourers do not need to take any arms with them for whatsoever reasons”, a speaker in Sost said.

Meanwhile youth groups in Central and Lower Hunza have also condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with the youth of Gojal.

The press conference was also told that the invading labourers had maliciously misinformed the people of Nagar Valley that 5 people had been killed in Gojal. “It seems that the gangsters incited the peaceful people of Nagar to violence by spreading rumours”, representatives of the Forum told the journalists.

A committee of the elders of Nagar Valley, including Mirza Hussain, Finance Minister Akhtar, Sheikh Mirza Ali and others, has, reportedly, started efforts to defuse the situation and move towards reconciliation.

Speaker Wazir Baig visited the Ailabad Hospital to inquire about the health of the labourers who had been injured in yesterday’s fight among the two groups.

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  1. this what we are … this is time to remind them who we are … i request hang them our leaders
    who make us silly …. teach a lesson to nagaries n kick out frm hunza region

  2. It is really deplorable act. The culprits cannot do it without the support of people like Muhammad Ali Akhar and Mirza Hussain. It is really ridiculous to learn that Muhammad Ali Akhtar will difuse tension…

  3. It is really deplorable act. The culprits cannot do it without the support of people like Muhammad Ali Akhar and Mirza Hussain. It is really ridiculous to learn that Muhammad Ali Akhtar will diffuse tension…

  4. I request the youth of gojal this is a time to clean up the gulmit to sost. fully operation in gojal and creat peace in gojal. I don’t like this kind of action. It is a very bad new the old man and his two young son beaten. If the people of nagar not like partner business Cleanup and we don’t want this kind of tread. Gojal is our area and we have save this. Gojal youth think very deep what is happened and what will be happened? Wake up gojal youth, wake up gojal youth wake up gojal people i say for whole……………………………….

  5. People of Hunza, Gojal and Ghizer must realize one fact that has shown so vivid during the sad events of rampage and mayhem in Gojal at the hands of the armed terrorists. That is, In Rome, live like Romans.
    Ismaili Community of the region has a lot of fervor for education and moderation but your society and your surrounding doesnt fit to your aspirations. The point is what makes you so vulnerable? What makes, a few armed terrorist think that they can crush u like nothing and you would be doing nothing. They think you are coward. You are apprehensive of protecting your own homes, your family and your Jamat Khanas, which were desecrated and stones were pelted at. They showed their power and once done with the evil designs, tendered a meek apology. What a shame!!!!!!!!
    The need of the time is be strong enough to protect yourselves. Keep arms. You can kill a dog and an intruder in your home premises. The law and the religion both permit this. Don’t just rely on education. Sometimes short term planning is also important.

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