Police release 6 more Hunzais, remand of 8 detainees extended till September 12

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September 5: Police in Gilgit have failed to prove cases of terrorism against 6 more people arrested from different parts of Hunza. An anti-terrorism court today ordered release of six more people arrested on charges of torching government buildings, documents and vehicles in Aliabad, in reaction to the brutal murder of two IDPs.

It is pertinent to note that 11 people had been honourably acquitted earlier last week due to absence of evidence.

Those released today include Waheed (Karimabad), Sifat (Garelt), Sher Ali, Javed, Mobeen and Mir Alam (Aliabad).

Physical remand of the 8 remaining detainees has been extended till September 12.

Acquittal of majority of the detainees has proved the public claims right that the vengeful police and district officials were blindly arresting people in they valley after the unrest triggered by broad daylight murder of two IDPs who had lost their homes and land as a result of the damming of Hunza River.

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  1. Pakistani law is executed only on innocent and peaceful people.
    we all remember the events after the killing of Benezir Bhutto, when all the government offices, banks and railways along with transportation and other assets in Sindh province and other parts of the country were burnt and destroyed by the PPP activists but there was no single FIR on those culprits who destroyed billions worth of property.
    and now when two innocent and poor IDP´s were shoot dead in day light brutally by the law and enforcement agency and on the protest of this brutality innocent people are being harassed and tortured.
    I condemn this injustice.

    Liaqat Ali

  2. Agree with liaqat, I have personally met with senior official according to him, he said
    “we are determin to know why aliabad police station burnt so many times and we want to know people behind all this terror acts and we want to know the grass root facts”.
    well well this is not the appropriat time to know the grass root facts of previous attemps, actually they are punnishing innocent peoples of Hunza because they were protesting for their legal rights.

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