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Kamran Ahmed saved two people from drowning in the chilly cold Gilgit River

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Gilgit, December 23: Kamran Ahmed, a brave young man, put his life in danger while attempting to rescue two persons,  including a girl, from drowning in Gilgit River.

According to details, a young girl hailing from Peshawar jumped into the river, apparently attempting a suicide. Seeing her jump, a young man named Idrees also jumped, to save her. Unfortunately, Idrees was unable to control himself and almost drowned.

Kamran Ahmed, 20, immediately jumped into the river and after great efforts successfully rescued the girl and Idrees out of the river. The reason behind the girl’s suicide attempt was not clear.

Talking to media later, Kamran Ahmed said that when he saw two persons were losing their lives he immediately decided to save them.

“I am happy to do this human friendly act”, Kamran added. He thanked God Almighty for giving him the opportunity to serve the humanity.

Residents of Gilgit have hailed Kamran as a humanitarian hero and demanded of the government to appreciate his self-less service.

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