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Protesters shut down a power house in Punial, government fails to provide electricity

Demand for resignation of Power Minister  

PT Report

Gahkuch, December 25: People in Punial Tehsil of Ghizar district shut down a power house today while protesting against the government’s inability to provide electricity to a population of around 80,000 people.

The power protests are spreading across Gilgit – Baltistan, from Skardu to Ishkoman and, now, Punial, as the Ministry of Power looks on. Thousands of people across Gilgit – Baltistan are suffering due to shortage of electricity, unable to light their houses, charge electric appliances and run their businesses.

The ministers and officials of district government, on the other hand, are enjoying their lives by operating generators.

The protesters said that if the minister concerned and the other officials of PWD can’t fix the issue, they should resign and sit in their houses instead of wasting public funds.

Majority of the protesters belonged to Goharabad, Gitch and Singal village of Punial Tehsil.

It is pertinent to mention that hundreds of youth had damaged public property in Ishkoman Tehsil while protesting against the Power department.

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