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Government fails to form Public Services Commission and Tribunal, unemployment soaring

Special Correspondent 

The GB government has failed to form the Public Services Commission and Services Tribunal.

One reason stated by different quarters for this failure is the unavailability of “competent”, qualified and experienced, people. Some of the retired bureaucrats contacted by the GB government, apparently, have refused to take the responsibilities.

According to some sources the names of some people had been finalized but due to former law secretary, Hafeez ur Rehman’s, appointment as additional registrar of the SAC, the government is again searching for a replacement.

The government’s failure to form the two institutions after remaining in power for two years has serious implications for the region’s future. Unemployment is emerging as a major issue. It has been seen that thousands of graduates apply for positions and only a handful of them are selected.

Analysts attribute the increase in frequency of large scale protests in the regions, even on small issues, to the presence of thousand of dissatisfied and unemployed youth, who went their frustration by burning tyres and chanting slogans against the government and system.

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